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The Probability Of Miracles (2011)

The Probability of Miracles (2011)

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About book The Probability Of Miracles (2011)

I'm sure there are people comparing this book to The Fault in Our Stars...but I'm not going to do that. I enjoyed this book and will be recommending it to my middle-school-aged daughter. I was a little worried about the idea of Cam & her family visiting a mysterious magical town where people get cured of their terminal diseases or whatever, because while I love fiction and even magical fiction, I don't love the use of magic as a get-out-of-jail-free card. luckily the author didn't play that card and the story unfolded in a charming and beautiful way. One HUGE flaw throughout this whole book was the choice of narrator. At first I was like 'Oh the main character, Cam, is probably going to die in the end. She won't be able to narrate the story after she dies so I can see why they chose this type of narration.' But, spoilers, the story (including the ending) would have been way more tearjerking and as a reader, you would have been much more invested with the main character if it would have been her narrating. The one and only reason I would forgive the author for choosing not to use the voice of Cam is if it were non-fiction and the author was retelling Cam's story. But guess what? It's fiction. No excuses for this very poor choice of narrator. Now for the ending. I did tear up a little, but the ending was way too short. The last two chapters should have been way longer. That or there should have been more chapters. It seemed as if the author was like: ''Ok this happens and that happens. Tadaaah. The end.'' There's room for improvement.Another big flaw was that this story was like this huge sweater with lots and lots of loose threads. Cam spent her whole childhood at Disney, this guy she grew up with tries to go out with her, she's an impulsive stealer, and she has what I think is hawaïan blood in her. The thing is, nothing was related to the story. Nothing previously mentionnned played any major role in the story. If it were up to me, this would be labbelled a teenager's 50 000 word essay instead of a novel. I know this is Wendy Wunder's first book, so I won't put her on my black list of authors, but I can see lots of things on which she could improve. Overall I would say the plot was great, but the execution could have been better.

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Beautiful book. If you love "The Fault in Our Stars" you will be moved as well by this book.

One of the best books I have ever read that is so heart felt and powerfully bittersweet.

If you like books like The Fault In Our Stars, you'll like this.

Me ha dejado sin palabras.

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