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The Profession (2011)

The Profession (2011)
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The Profession (2011)
The Profession (2011)

About book: I new him from Gates of Fire and Bagger Vance. This was a dissappointment. I was in the military and really thought he was a press guy for the military, the way he delivered this bookwas as if he were writing a book report for junior high english in which he would recieve extra credit for jargon and acronyms. I understand the purpose and speak jargon fluently, however this was just poor judgement and boring. bleh. dissapointed. Like listening to a sitrep your C.O. thought importent but was business as usual. I could have watched the news if I wanted a sportscaster-like play by play. This is NOT LIKE the other stuff of his I read. Main character should have done his duty and smoked the general-come-tyrant. Duty is heavier than a mountain . . . I've enjoyed Pressfield's stories set in ancient Greece. The Profession is set in 2032, primsrily in the Middle East. Because of this, he has to forecast what history could be like rather than take historical facts and make them real. Military operations are conducted through mercenaries, based on a system of defense companies who leverage a variety of sub-contractors, owner-operators, and free agents. The news is controlled by agencies that seem familiar, but have also evolved, such as Trump/CNN. [return][return]The story is engaging and it is interesting to speculate on our future economy, but I didn't find this work as captivating as his historical fiction. Still, if you like global military action and political intrigue, this book is worth a read. There's also a thoughtful debate about necessity vs. limited government.
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Good concept. Good writing. Good action. Good Pressfield.
Ultra cool futuristic action, adventure, thriller.
A great read.
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