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The Professional: Part 1 (2013)

The Professional: Part 1 (2013)

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About book The Professional: Part 1 (2013)

As a huge Kresley Cole and erotic romance fan I was ecstatic when I heard about this book! Released in 3 novellas the book takes us through the romance of a young American college student and her father's enforcer, a hardened, older man, with selective tastes when it comes to romance. Combining romance, danger, dominance, and loss this book has everything Immortals After Dark does, but with lots more explicit sex scenes, and oh mama! Make sure to have a glass of wine, or maybe a fan nearby when you pick this one up. I've already got the next book in the Game Maker series, The Master, pre-ordered and can't wait! 4-4.5 starsThis was a really good start to the trilogy. I liked Natalie and thought she was a pretty good heroine. Sevastyan is a bit of a mystery but seems like a promising hero. Sevastyan is a bit dominant and so far there's been some light BDSM type sexual activity (some spanking and such).Natalie is a college student with 3 jobs. She has friends but keeps too busy for a man. Natalie is adopted and after her adoptive father died 6 years ago, Natalie has felt the need to find her birth family. She knows she's Russian and has learned the language and a lot about the country, now she just has to find her family. She hired a man to track down her family by DNA and thought he was on to something until suddenly she couldn't get in contact with the guy any more.Sevastyan is an enforcer in the Russian mob. Natalie's father took him in when he was only 13 and living on the streets. Sevastyan has great respect and love for her father and went to America to find Natalie, ascertain if she's actually who they think she is and make sure she's safe. Unfortunately for Sevastyan, he's felt an attraction and pull to Natalie from the beginning and the closer her gets the stronger the pull is.Natalie sees Sevastyan in a bar and tries to approach him but he seems uninterested after some mixed signals that confused Natalie. She goes home and can't help thinking about him which leads her to doing naughty things to herself. Unfortunately she's startled out of them just before she reaches climax because Sevastyan is watching her after somehow breaking in to her apartment. This leads to him explaining that she's the daughter of a rich man in Russia and some of his enemies are out to hurt her so he has to take her to Russia for her safety. She isn't too thrilled about this so Sevastyan kidnaps her, giving her no choice about the matter. There's a definite attraction between Sevastyan and Natalie but Sevastyan seems to go hot and cold which confuses the hell our of Natalie but she wants to try to find a way to get the hot because she immensely enjoyed a "hot" session they have on the plane while flying over to Russia. Once they get to Russia however, Sevastyan mostly runs cold and stays away from Natalie most of the time. Natalie does meet her father though and starts to get to know and like him. Although his Russian mobbness rather freaked her out at first, once she started to realize how things work in Russia, things started being a little bit easier to accept and her father became easier to like. Natalie is also introduced to a distant cousin, Philippe, who is handsome and flirty but Natalie doesn't feel any attraction for him. Natalie is settled in and trying to figure out her new life (and wondering when the danger will pass) when the story ends. Since this is part 1 of 3, obviously this ends in a cliffhanger. I really liked part one and am firmly entrenched in the story so I'll be starting part 2 immediately. I'd recommend this story.*note - I listened to the audio version of this and the narrator did a very good job.

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Es corto, supongo que las 3 partes serán como un libro entero, pero interesante el planteo...

What do you expect? hot and cold...can't stop reading...

Whew!! Steamy is all I gotta say!!

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