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The Quantum Thief (2010)

The Quantum Thief (2010)

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0575088877 (ISBN13: 9780575088870)

About book The Quantum Thief (2010)

Don't you hate the “As You Know” trope? They are always so clunky, those paragraphs about ...insert SF tech name here..., they feel like quotes from some bad textbooks. I know I hate them, so I can't join the other reviewers in the whole “you don't understand what's going on for 50% of the book” rant. Then again, I liked “Dive into Python” much more than any other book on any other programming language ever, so...“The Quantum Thief” is clever, but not too clever, so there's no point in being afraid of it. As it happens with all references, you'll enjoy the book much more if you get them (and in this case, the references are from cryptography, for example), but you won't die if you don't get every single one.The book rushes you through countless action scenes, peppering them with interludes and pieces of ideas. It would be silly to expect deep characters here, and there indeed aren't any, but that's fine.I'd say this book is a good entertainment for a few hours and it leaves you with a little something to think about or discuss. Wow! What to say about this story. This is going to make you scratch your head. How can I make such a bold claim without knowing you? That easy. I'm still scratching my head over what I just finished reading. I must admit I could not put the book down without wanting to pick it back up. First it was a good story. Confusing in the delivery, yet gripping as a whole. I honestly care nothing for the characters. Yet the setting and direction captivated my attention. Confused? Well so am I. I have never experienced a conflict such as this one. I want to tell you about the character's adventures, yet I can't seem to find the words to describe the complexity at which the author chose to write this interesting tale. I feel like my college degrees were put to the test in simply understanding the terminology used to describe what happened. This is not a book for the casual reader. You have been warned. Others on here have given nice descriptions of this interestingly written book. I just wanted to warn anyone that cares about the complex writing. No you don't have to be overly intelligent to read this book. You just need to be open minded, patient and relaxed to get the scope of this tale. As I stated. I enjoyed this book. Though I do feel I need to give it a re-read to better grasp what I just finished reading. God, now I sound like a crazy person. I liked a book that may or may not have flown over my head in understanding it. Yet that's almost how I feel while writing this explanation, not review, of this book.

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Loved this. Idea porn. Great prose, interesting, full of novel ideas, and solid science!

Good ending, soul destroying beginning and a middle that takes perseverance.

Read this again and loved it even more the second time.

good, but definitely mind-bending.

Interesting but confusing.

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