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The Regal Rules For Girls (2012)

The Regal Rules for Girls (2012)
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0425247643 (ISBN13: 9780425247648)
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The Regal Rules For Girls (2012)
The Regal Rules For Girls (2012)

About book: And now for the competition!Or... The terrible reason I was compelled to read author Jerramy Fine's THE REGAL RULES FOR GIRLS - it was because the title was so similar to my own book. So after a few 'Oh, damn I do so love the cover,' and 'Oh, damn, yes, I'd read this!' the next step was some beady-eyed critical dissection. So I got stuck into it.Thankfully, the two books are entirely different. In THE REGAL RULES FOR GIRLS, Ms. Fine has produced a non-fiction that's choc-a-block full of information for every determined must-be-a-LADY out there, and is a very good read indeed. As one who has 'done London,' there is a great deal of information in this book that I would have loved to get my hands on many years ago, for example - studying in Britain, and the intricacies of flat-hunting, not to mention the lord-hunting, which is tackled with humour, (as no physical tackling is allowed, after all this is England,) and what I liked most of all - absolutely no apologies made with respect to the quest at hand... yes, lord hunting. More than this, it's about reclaiming the secret art of elegance in elegant society and I approve.Call it a social handbook for dreamy royal desperados, a hair-toss and nose-up at the feminist mission, and you will miss the point. This is written for the lass with the same buccaneer spirit that those Jennie Jeromes carried when they first landed in England to insert their father's funds into their intended's castle rooftops - it's easier now: dowries are passé, the roofs are mended, and London's calling, so get off the dream couch and get on with it - well, that's how I see it. As Ms. Fine says - and she's sought and conquered, and lived to write about it for our benefit - a lord and his castle, if that's what you desire, why not?Lots of voice, due humour, and a wealth of information; from exiting the airport gates to curtseying, to making a proper cup of tea, to getting a few extra years of stay in your host country until, you… yes you, are completely, legally married to it. Absolutely recommend, especially as a gift for your late teenagers or young twenty somethings. Mind, everyone of all ages, in my opinion, should know how to make a proper cuppa. Cheers, Ms. Fine.
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