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The Reluctant Wife (Entangled Indulgence) (2012)

The Reluctant Wife (Entangled Indulgence) (2012)
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Entangled: Indulgence
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The Reluctant Wife (Entangled Indulge...
The Reluctant Wife (Entangled Indulgence) (2012)

About book: At First Sight: Three years after leaving her husband, Abby returns to this Italian villa to ask him for a favor. Conte Dante Lombardi isn't sure how he feels about his errant wife's return. In his mind, she left because of a petty fight and should have crawled back long before. But, he never really forgotten Abby - he didn't want to forget her - and he has reasons why he would much rather remain married than go through with a divorce. So he strikes a deal with Abby; he'll give her the money she needs for her Grandmother's surgery, and in exchange she'll stay with him in Italy and they'll resume where they left off 3 years ago.Abby isn't happy with this arrangement, but she'll do just about anything for her Gran - who is her only surviving relative - so she agrees, plus, deep down, she never really stopped loving Dante, even if his obsession with having a child as soon as possible is very annoying.Second Glance: Okay, so Abby married Dante when she was only 19 years old - he was in late twenties- early thirties - afte a whirlwind courtship and a society wedding. But their marriage didn't last long as Abby was really unprepared to be a wife at that age, and she certainly wasn't ready to be a mother. Dante is a bit obsessed with his own mortality -both his grandfather and father died fairly young - and he knows he needs to have a son soon, as in his mind time is running out, both because he wants to be a father and because it would secure his family's future. This was a fairly standard story, it had a bit of old-school category romance which was nice in it's own way. There weren't any big surprises or amazing character development but it was OK. The beginning was pretty entertaining and before I knew it I was almost done.Bottom Line: Is The Reluctant Wife something to write home about? not necessarily, but it was fun while it lasted and I think that the people who go after category romance will find it pretty good. For me, I would have liked the characters to be a little more developed and for the issues in Dante and Abby's relationship to actually been adressed, but it was ok. Yes another reunion story. Classic hot Italian husband blackmails English bride back into his bed. Dante is one of those alpha males afraid to show weakness yet that fear becomes his biggest weakness. His attitude was a key factor in the break down of his marriage three years ago.Abby as a youthful bride lacked the maturity to cope with the demands of a male who insisted he did not do love but wanted a child immediately. After three years away she has grown up, but only her grandmothers ill health would force her to confront her husband for help.This was a nicely done romance with good interactions between Abby and Dante as they work out many of the issues that caused problems the first time around along with new problems.The crunch time was a really emotional point in the story guaranteed to have you hoping for the best. Both Abby and Dante were engaging characters. The ending was very sweet and the sizzle was pretty warm.The only thing that spoiled it for me was the on again off again doubt about Dante's fidelity while they were apart. He would say something that suggests he was, then something would happen to raise doubts.
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A quick & short read. Nothing impressive. Lumayan buat ngejar goal goodreads.
Livro maravilhoso!!!Todos os sentimentos em um único livro!
What an emotional roller coaster.
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