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The Rest Of Forever (2012)

The Rest of Forever (2012)
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The Rest Of Forever (2012)
The Rest Of Forever (2012)

About book: This was a superbly written short story. The author has real talent for putting emotions into words. Even though the story was over before I knew it, I deeply felt the characters' regret, pain, ANGST!, fear, trepidations...everything so vividly.Jackson and Paul were perfectly made for the friends to lovers story, but a little part of me (the part who hates love triangles) feels like Curtis was wronged. Thus my reason for the 4 star rating instead of 5. I know Curtis was written as the asshole boyfriend, but when you think about it he was great with Paul, he was only an asshole to Jack - a man trying to steal his bf whom he loves. So I sympathized with the guy. We know Curtis has to go but Paul's quick dismissal of Curtis left a bad impression on me.There was a lot to love in this short - and FREE! - story. Jack had a lot of faults, but we loved him anyway! Jack and Paul are both gay and best friends, they always have been. Only, Paul loves Jack, he always has, and suddenly tells him. Jack is shocked and flies.After a while he realises what he has lost and pines for Paul until he decides to get him back.There are several things that do not work in this story.- The underlying assumption that fault lies with Jack only. Not true. Paul knew his friend. He should have known better and, if not at the moment, he should have forgiven him in time but he never does until the required happy end.- The uderlying assumption (that the POV and the opionions belong to Jack is just a thin mask) conveyed repeatedly throughout the pages that casual sex is necessarily lesser and a poor substitute for REAL sex, that happening between lovers.- Grammar is not always in order.- Writing is constantly over the top. Some paragraphs are neat but most are not. Melodramatic prose has to be approached with care lest it becomes irritating or humorous.
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A second chance at love story that's fraught with emotion, nicely done.
Beautifully written I feel Jackie's pain
*downloaded free on ARE
A fun quick short.
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