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The Riddle And The Rune (1999)

The Riddle and the Rune (1999)

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1930094019 (ISBN13: 9781930094017)
feral press, inc.

About book The Riddle And The Rune (1999)

It was so wonderful to re-visit Ulm! Gom sets out to find his mother and, naturally, finds himself in trouble as soon as he leaves Windy Mountain. Throughout his quest, he makes friends while trying to escape from his enemies and trying to solve the riddle that will bring him to his mother. It is not a typical quest-type fantasy, however. There is no sword-play, no large-scale battles, no royalty worth mentioning, not even a huge, sprawling cast of characters. It has its own quiet charm, much like Gom himself. Adventure, magic, good friends, and evil villains: a lovely story!The FPI edition is quite nice. It is paperback, but a very nice one, with illustrated first letters of every chapter, sheet music for the songs and a very useful pronunciation guide.

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