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The Ring Of Sky (2012)

The Ring of Sky (2012)

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0141339721 (ISBN13: 9780141339726)

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It's really interesting so far, and it's about the history and culture of Japan. There is Samurai and Ninja in this book, and it's about this boy call Jack trying to escape Japan and board a ship back to England. His father was killed by ninja, and so a samurai adopted him. Trained as a samurai, he now has to protect his fathers rutter, which will help him get back to England where his sister awaits him. The last book in the Young Samurai series has come out. It's a short read but I've read the rest of the series and I had to finish it off. It is about how Jack finally makes his last dash to Nagasaki for a ship back to England. It wasn't bad and the last showdown with Kazuki was a bit of a let down but all in all it's a good series. I think if I didn't start the series when I was younger I never would of read this book. If your 10-12 this is defiantly a book for you

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WHAT? THIS BOOK IS AMAZING EVEN FOR teens and im 15 :) i love it tons. <333 tysm chris ..please reply to my fan mail asap. (ahah tyt)

I love this book, I have read the whole series and I think they are the best books I have ever read. I thurrily enjoyed them and would happily read them again. Chris Bradford has put a lot of detail in the books....AMAZING

The best possible conclusion, put my mind to rest...


pretty good

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