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The Road To Berlin (2007)

The Road to Berlin (2007)
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0304365408 (ISBN13: 9780304365401)
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The Road To Berlin (2007)
The Road To Berlin (2007)

About book: Like the first book in this series it is packed full of plenty of raw information regarding units and locations which could prove dry for somebody just after a general overview of the Eastern Front. But for the serious student this book, along with it's predecessor, is required reading. The maps included in this addition are very broad and not all that detailed which is a bit disappointing for me as I do like detailed maps to complement my reading. Also there is confusion in regards to particular units, for example the author refers to the SS Grossdeutchland Division and SS Herman Goering Division. These formations belonged to the army and air force respectively. Despite these and a few other minor gripes on my part I did really enjoy this book, particularly the commentary on Operation Bagration and the Yalta Conference. It did get heavy at times but the subject matter is not something that can be glossed over and I strongly recommend.
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