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The Rock Star In Seat 3A (2012)

The Rock Star in Seat 3A (2012)

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0062007203 (ISBN13: 9780062007209)
William Morrow

About book The Rock Star In Seat 3A (2012)

To say that this book played me like a rock star toying with his skank-faced goupie is an understatement. Hazel is living the dream. THE DREAM every fangirl would die for. And as a fangirl I can't help but identify with her. It was like this book was telling me that hey, rabid fangirl, you, this could be YOU. (I Know, fiction. It doesn't necessarily mean that I was expecting it to happen to me but, hey, a fangirl can dream, right.) Anyway, as I was saying I've had high hopes for Hazel and Finn. Sure, Wylie the giving tree/hotta chef guy is a dream boat but Finn was simply amazing. Hazel and Finn was so electric they could power up an entire village. But goshdarnit reality has to come crashing down and fucking put a pipe down between the rock god and the fangirl. Reality is a bitch and it comes with razor sharp claws. It broke my heart because it felt like I had to give up all fangirl dreams of my own. Being jaded like that, I had trouble accepting Hazel's choice. I find myself hating her a bit for being too fickle-minded, she had her boyfriend but then she meet her rock idol, so she ditched him, then she found out some faults and cracks to her idol so she went back to her boyfriend. gaaaah. If the writer didn't laid some sensible reasons I would really full on hate her, but I guess I couldn't really blame her for her decisions and actions. Right this very moment I'm crazy fangirling over Arctic Monkey's Alex Turner. I'd have the same lapses of logic if I'm in her position. But gaaaah Hazel in a moment of enlightenment left Finn. She foresaw things would not work out for them, after only such a short period of time. They didn't fight, Finn never showed any sign of assholiness, he adored her, but she left him. She freaking left him. I'm not hating on Wylie, the guy's lovely. But gaaaaah. I guess, I should've seen it coming by all that quotes about fantasy found in every new chapter. This book is a fantasy that is to be grounded by reality. And fuck it, reality bites.Having said all that I'd have to say still that this book is a good one. This is my first book of the writer and I found her writing style enjoyable. The characters are interesting and highly-detailed. It's not difficult for me to picture them as real people because of the way the writer created them. I also enjoyed the humor and the witty dialogues between them. I think that being a short book gave it another advantage because had it been longer, the relationship between Hazel and Finn would probably go on much longer. It would've been more difficult for me to say goodbye to the idea of them being together. "The Rock Star in Seat 3A" wasn't by any means the most amazing book I've ever read, but it was definitely very cute. It was a very quick read, and I enjoyed the plot line. It wasn't very original, but like I said, very cute. We're introduced to Hazel, a just-turned-30 year old who seems to have the perfect life: amazing job, adoring boyfriend who's madly in love and wants to get hitched, and an incredible bond with her older sister. It quickly changes, though, when she's upgraded to first class on a business trip, and ends up sharing an arm rest with the sexy star of her teenage wet dreams. Just from that I'm sure you can infer what happens next... Hazel breaks off her engagement for a European tour and steamy sex with an absolute God, but is that really what's going to make her happy in the long run?I would recommend this book for anyone who's looking for a light beach read!

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CHEEZEWHIZ. kind of a smutty harlequin romance with a truly predictable ending.

This was a fun easy read but it felt a bit short and shallow.

Read a Review and she is just redic. Not my type of story.

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