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The Rocker That Loves Me (2013)

The Rocker That Loves Me (2013)

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Anna Howard

About book The Rocker That Loves Me (2013)

Very cute...but again I was disappointed at the quickness of the forgiveness....but this time it was the hero that disappointed me. Harper assumed the wrong thing and slapped Shane across the face and told him she hated him and kicked and screamed like a petulant child. Shane did nothing wrong...the girl was his sister. But then as soon as Harper found that out she was like oh im sorry and he was on his knees saying it was ok....JESUS...make her work for your forgiveness...Shane had to work hard to get her to trust him, the least she could have done was worked hard for him too!!! THIS SEREIES JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER EACH TIME MY HEARTS MELTS WITH EACH STORY !!!!AMAZING WRITNG AND THE STORY IS AWESOME !!! IM SO IN LOVE WITH THESE ROCKERS THEY EACH HAVE A STORY TO TELL AND IM ENJOYING READING EACH ONE OF THERES!!!! AND IM LOVING THE LADIES THAT ARE LOVING THEM AS WELL!!! TERRI ANN BROWING YOU ROCK CHICK FOR BRING US THSESE WONDERUL ROCKER GUYS AND THE LADIES THAT LOVE THEM CHIPING AWAY AT OUR HEARTS EACH TIME WE READ A STORY!!!!!

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Sweet... and hot! Loved it... maybe a little cheesy sometimes but Shane was just so romantic. Awww!

Again I just love this series, another fabulous story.

By far the best book in the series!

Great book by a great Author !

Yes, yes, yes!

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