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The Rocker That Savors Me (2013)

The Rocker That Savors Me (2013)

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Anna Henson

About book The Rocker That Savors Me (2013)

This author has a good hook. In the first book, I really didn't feel like I spent much time getting to know anyone and then suddenly, I realized that I was wondering how Jesse's separation anxiety would play out because I knew that would be the subject of the second book. Looked it up and yep, sure enough. Bought the book just to see how much more fleshed out this part of the story would be. Better for length and complexity, but not stellar. First book had a better story premise but just was not fleshed out. Yet, the hook in this book is now Drake. Dangit. These aren't stellar reads but she is making me curious about what is next with her hooks. So, originally was not going to get book three but now I may just to see what happens with Drake. This book picked up in the timeline where the first one left off and yet both epilogues are set at the same time in the future expanding on the ~two years in the future. So, I am curious if she does this with the third book. And the last book rolls into the time frame of the epilogue or something. Again.....great hook while I ponder what the price of the third book is on Kindle and contrast that amount with how much my curiosity is worth. Reasons why I didn't like this book:1. I can't imagine a bald rocker as a softie.2. The problems about Layla's past, stripping, her parents, etc were not really shown well.3. The fight, about her father and/or Jesse's thinking worst about her, was over before it even started. WTH.4. There's a lot of misplaced and unnecessary drama here.5. There's still a lot of EMMIE in this book. Felt like this book was still about her. Girl, 2 books aren't enough??! And it's not even cool. It's annoying.

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In love with this series. Jumping to the third book :D

Good book, but pleeeeaaasssseeee less crying

This series keeps getting better. Loved it

It rocks!


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