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The Sasquatch Escape (2013)

The Sasquatch Escape (2013)
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0316209341 (ISBN13: 9780316209342)
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
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The Sasquatch Escape (2013)
The Sasquatch Escape (2013)

About book: Do you wonder if creatures such as dragons, fairies, and the sasquatch actually exist? When his grandfather’s cat brings home a baby dragon, Ben discovers that Buttonville may actually be the most exciting place in the country. He and his new friend, Pearl Petal, discover that the old button factory is now home to Dr. Woo and a hospital for creatures from the Imaginary World. When they arrive with the injured baby dragon, Ben inadvertently lets a sasquatch into the Known World, and he and Pearl must return the hairy beast before anyone notices him.If you like this book, then you will be anxious to read book #2 in “The Imaginary Veterinary” series that is scheduled to be released at the end of September. A Virginia Readers' Choice title for the upcoming school year.The cover and title alone will attract readers in my school. They will be drawn into the story from the first chapter when 10-year-old Ben Silverstein, who is on his way to his grandpa's house in Buttonville to spend the summer, looks up in the sky to see what he is sure is a dragon. Pearl Petal, the so-called town troublemaker, who lives above the Dollar Store, also sees the dragon and she is determined to investigate. Faced with spending quality time at the Senior Center with his grandpa or joining Pearl, Ben decides to go with her to the abandoned Buttonville Button Factory, where Pearl thinks the dragon lives. An injured baby dragon brought home by Grandpa's cat Barnaby leads Ben to Dr. Woo, who has just moved into the old Button Factory. She has set up a worm hospital there and Ben hopes she can treat the baby dragon too. While Ben and Pearl are at the worm hospital, a Sasquatch escapes. The children are tasked with capturing the Sasquatch and bringing it back before too many people in the Known World see it.Although this story isn't the most exciting adventure and it isn't all that funny, it is original and easy to read. A perfect fantasy for readers in Grades 2-5, and the first book in a new series.
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Fun, fast read-aloud for my 1st grader and 2nd grader.
Cute story. Suitable for young elementary students.
My 5 year old like it, but I thought it was so so
It was a good read. I liked the Sasquatch. :)
4K got this first.
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