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The Satin Sash (2009)

The Satin Sash (2009)
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The Satin Sash (2009)
The Satin Sash (2009)

About book: Gray & Heath are business partners and have known each other for years. Gray has a girlfriend Toni and has a luxury apartment whilst Heath is bi-sexual and lives out of several hotels depending on where he is in the world. At a business dinner is where Heath first meets Toni and after dancing with her he announces to Gray that 'Your woman wants me' and offers to be a third in their relationship.Gray struggles with this confession and decides to seek out from Toni if this is actually true. Toni is at first astounded but little does she know these two used to share women all the time albeit in the very distant past. After Toni admits she wants Heath they all go to Mexico together...but will this little plan work out? Gray is looking at this as a weekend fling but Heath has been fantasizing about Toni for a while...Wow is all I can say to this book. It is beyond steamy in several places in the book and it's interesting to find a character like Toni that has a passion for both men and is willing to voice her opinions to 'have her cake and eat it'! It does have m/m, f/m, m/m/f, scenes throughout the book which are spicy hot! A great read! The only thing I found was missing was an epilogue to give an idea as to how the ending works out for them. This book held so much promise when I started. It was actually pretty intriguing and enthralling for the first 50 or so pages. Some good character development, I could even forgive the typical Man-Who-Will-Never-Commit and Plain-Woman-Who-Is-Not-His-Usual-Type characters that have been a little overdone.This plotline grates because we have enough women out there who believe that this type of man will fall forever in love with her and they'll live happily every after! I don't think we need to further encourage this behavior.In this book, we apparently have not one but TWO men who will never commit! And...AND? They both fall in love with the same plan woman who isn't their type. Yup. I get it. This is the stuff that romance novels are built on. "Can she tame his wild heart, or will he break hers?" I mean, Harlequin has entire lines built on this premise so clearly it sells a lot of books.But for me, it's getting old and I was hoping to get away from it by moving into the more erotic side of romance. I was wrong.Then we add to that tired plotline some good old guilt and jealousy. Grey (the main love interest at the start) gets decidedly jealous of Heath (his buddy with whom he's already had too-many-to-count threesomes with). But of course, Toni is different! He's in LOVE with her, but can't tell her that. And Toni gets all put out and hurt that during a threesome, Grey's sex wasn't him "making love" with her, it was just sex. And a fight ensues.Basically, the characters that started out great were irritating me so much by page 100 that it drew me out of the narrative and the story and made me want to throw the book AT those characters. Maybe it was meant to show how complex and disrupting a menage situation is to a relationship, but in the end it just irritated me and made strong, healthy characters turn weak and annoying.Also not as hot and sexy as I would've liked. It was disrupted by the characters acting badly, once again pulling me out of the story - not the goal, I'm sure.Finally. Fisting - and I'm not talking the kind you'll find if you google fisting. I'm talking about the way overused in romance verb. Before 100 pages were through, we had sheets, hair and a shirt "fisted." And that's what I can remember. Haul out your thesaurus authors. There are several other terms you could use which would avoid the rampant overuse of this in the genre. ESPECIALLY in erotica, you need to avoid it. Let's try grip, clutch, grab, twist, pull, grasp, etc. I mean, I came up with those without even trying. Again, it's something that pulls this reader out of the narrative.So. First 50 pages - fantastic. Everything after that just got bad and then worse.
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Interesting... draws you in... you finally want to root for the threesome!
Erotica, menage'. Hot, hot, hot! Well writen.
Amazing, amazing book. I highly recommend it!
Holy smokin' goodness!
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