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The Savage. David Almond (2009)

The Savage. David Almond (2009)

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1406319856 (ISBN13: 9781406319859)
Walker & Company

About book The Savage. David Almond (2009)

This book was created by the same author/illustrator team who created one of the books now shortlisted for this year's Greenaway Medal ("Slog's Dad"). I didn't like this book as much as their other effort, but it is interesting and unusual. The boy in this story, Blue, has recently lost his dad (who passed away rather suddenly from a heart attack), and is being bullied by a bigger kid, Hopper. His father's advice had been to ignore the bully, but Blue finds this harder and harder to do as the bullying becomes more physically threatening. A counselor, working with Blue to handle his grief, has asked him to write what he is feeling. Gradually, rather than writing his feelings directly, they take on the form of a story about a savage boy who lives in a nearby wood. The savage boy becomes his champion against Hopper. In true David Almond fashion, the reader is left wondering whether the savage boy may, in fact, have become real, or if he is somehow a manifestation of Blue's inner conflict. As always, Almond tells a story which has a lot swimming under the surface. The illustrations create a shadowy, menacing feel that complement the storyline. After losing his father and getting bullied at school, Blue Baker begins writing and illustrating his own stories. They center around his character The Savage. The Savage is a wild boy, close to his age, who carries a knife or an axe and lives in a cave. These segments are illustrated by Dave McKean, in a comic book style, bold and brash and reminiscent of his work with Neil Gaiman.Chapters alternate beween the real life story of Blue and his fantasies. But soon the two begin to mesh. It seems as though his fantasy has taken on a life of his own. What will happen when Blue encounters his own savage creation in the cave?To find out, read this short book for children (ages 8-12) that doesn't shy away from difficult life issues. -David K.

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dear friend,I am reading a book entitled the savage by David almond which is a graphic novel

very cool book...... I have learned that not eeryone is like what you think!

Scary cover! Looking forward to the unique format.

Whoa. I need to digest this for a bit.

I like about anything by David Almond.

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