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The Savage Grace (2012)

The Savage Grace (2012)

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About book The Savage Grace (2012)

I personally loved this series. I thought it was extremely well written and I enjoyed how Bree wrote every book to show the progression on how things changed in Grace's life and everything around her. I also took interest in the authors expressions on demons, werewolves (Urbats in this case), and the different kinds of vampires. To anyone who has not yet read the Dark Divine series, I highly recommend it. But be careful, you might be like me and not be able to put it down until you're finished. This was definitely my favourite book of the series and I'm so glad that I finally picked it up after all these years. It was action-packed and gripping and I read it in less than a day as I couldn't put it down. It was a really satisfying ending to the trilogy as all of the ends are wrapped up in a way that I was happy with. The development of the characters throughout the series was one of my favourite parts as I really enjoyed seeing them grow as people.

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Great ending to such a romantic series.

Upsetting ending, but good story.

This waa an AMAZING book.

Great. Just great.

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