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The Scorch Trials (2010)

The Scorch Trials (2010)

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0385738757 (ISBN13: 9780385738750)
Delacorte Press

About book The Scorch Trials (2010)

Spoilers!!!! WATCH OUT!!!!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The pace is fast, very suitable for a movie adaption. It it wasn't for the annoying characters I would have given four stars.I started off liking Thomas. But he showed no sign of growth whatsoever. He just naturally became a leader and he was capable of everything and he was the star of WICKED so yeah everybody liked him and everybody listened to him.I hate Jack Sues, especially this one.Teresa saved Thomas! Not only was he extremely ungrateful, he also hated her for being mean to him which only because she had to pretend all the way to save his life.Come on, would you be such a douche to someone right after they saved your life?Thomas is just a douchy sissy. At least Teresa had the courage to act and save him!I hate Brenda even more than Thomas. Touchy, feely, bitchy, whoring around, slutty, seducing someone else's boyfriend. You name it. She stole other people's boyfriend and she acted as if she was the one who deserved justice. What a bitch. She and Thomas make such a perfectly disgusting couple. Oh yeah, Teresa saved Thomas and he hated her like hell; Brenda also lied about the truth and her identity but Thomas was totally cool with that. The irony. Such a douche.Thomas you don't deserve Teresa.Other supporting roles are so much more intriguing than the main character, as always. I love Newt and Minho. And obviously the author doesn't think so. Oh yeah, we should make those who are hated live together happily ever after and let's kill people's favorite characters! Screw you. I know what you did in the third book. I hate you.10/19 5.0% "From the Maze to the Walking Dead!"10/19 5.0% "description"/"10/19 5.0% "description"/"10/19 5.0% "What the heck...Am I reading The Maze Runner: The Walking Dead?description"/"10/21 26.0% "I hate the Creators. Evil and ridiculous.description"/"10/21 35.0% "Damn. What's happening to Teresa. I hate that Brenda even before she shows her shuck face."10/21 37.0% ""Keep trying," Minho said from behind them. "You're officially our foreign ambassador, Thomas. Get the dude to open up and tell us about the good ol' days."The reason why I love Minho: his sense of humor, as always."10/22 47.0% "I hate that Brenda girl. The minute she shows up I hate her. Stay away from Thomas. He belongs to Teresa. Stay away!!!"10/22 47.0% "description"10/22 47.0% "I HATE BRENDA."10/22 48.0% ""Thomas found himself liking this girl. She'd just drawn blood from his best friend, but he liked her." What kind of ridiculous crap is that? I'm sorry. But screw you Thomas. And GO FUCK YOURSELF, Brenda."10/22 48.0% "OMG forgive my language. But this Brenda is literally the biggest whore I've ever seen in any literature. Ruins the book. Why such an annoying character."10/22 50.0% "This is official. Brenda is a bitch. While all Thomas's friends are in danger, she's making out and being all touchy with Thomas. And Thomas just forgets Teresa so quickly. So much for a guy's loyalty."10/22 51.0% ""He felt like such a shuck-face for not looking for them, seeing if they were in trouble."Well you should. Shame on your Thomas. Forget all about your friends and Teresa for this one slut."10/23 57.0% "Bitch, quit lying. You don't even have the Flare. You are feakin' immune. And Newt is not. I wish you could have switched positions so he would live and you would die."10/24 64.0% "Minho is back!!!!"10/24 74.0% "I don't get it. Teresa already told Thomas to trust her. How can he and the other be so stupid that they didn't realize it was her act? That she had to pretend to keep Thomas alive? Stupid guys."10/24 75.0% "Wow hahahah. This book is getting stupid and ridiculous. You don't just starting hating someone you love so easily. This doesn't make sense."10/24 84.0% ""But he knew that things could never, never be the same between them."Screw you Thomas. Don't you know that she did those so you could live???? You blame her instead WICKED???? YOU ARE SUCH A DOUCHE."10/24 87.0% "Thomas is such a douchy Jack Sue. She saved your life! You're not grateful for one second and you hate her because she tried to save you. Wow that's just the funniest thing I've heard. You are a whining sissy, Thomas. And you make a perfect couple with that slutty Brenda."10/24 88.0% ""I kind of accepted it, in a way. That saving you was worth losing what we might've had." Thomas, you don't deserve Teresa. She's a courageous, brave and awesome human being. Whining sissy Jack Sues like you don't deserve her." for a kid who appears to be the chosen one, how come all Thomas really seemed to do was sleep? so much of his survival seemed to depend not on himself but on brenda, theresa, and the gladers. also, for a journey where time was literally going against them, how is it that they had days to spare for thomas to finally wake up? and this supposedly was all without them being disturbed by the cranks who were GONE? idk. other than that, I did not want to stop reading this book. admittedly I had to put it down and walk away a couple times and just go"that's f'ed up.SPOILER?the scene in the beginnimg with all the dead bodies hanging from the ceiling and later in the underground when thomas and brenda think it's finally safe to leave their hiding spot under the table... the vivid description of the cranks they encountered... it'll definitely be interesting to see how they portray this novel as a film.

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This was an amazing sequel to The Maze Runner. The detail was incredible and just fascinating.

great twist and turns

Loved it!!

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