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The Search For Fierra (1996)

The Search for Fierra (1996)
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The Search For Fierra (1996)
The Search For Fierra (1996)

About book: I read this for the first time shortly after it first came out at the suggestion of one of my parents' friends back in the late 80s. I remember being unsure of certain aspects of the book as it seemed to delve into what was called "New Age" beliefs and technologies based on those beliefs. I do remember enjoying the book [and its sequel], though, despite my initial misgivings.I enjoyed this series [as well as Dream Thief] more than the Dragon King series he wrote.The novel starts out with a man taking a nutrient bath and finds himself accosted by an armed stranger. The stranger essentially kidnaps the man and takes him to a helipad where he is to be taken to a powerful man's office and offered the chance of a lifetime. The kidnapped man is Orion Treet - he is over 150 years old and a former teacher/history writer who is down on his luck. He is shot in the back while trying to escape from his kidnappers and wakes up to find himself being cared for by an angel. He is offered a large amount of money to visit the world's first extraterrestrial colony and chronicle its history as well as 'solve' a problem for the Cynetics chairman. He is asked to name a certain monetary amount to be paid for his troubles, and that amount is instantly doubled, making Treet a rather wealthy man. However, he has to leave for the colony planet right away. En route, he discovers he will be traveling to this planet orbiting Epsilon Eridani via wormhole and is profoundly disturbed. He is traveling with three other passengers [Crocker, the pilot; Yarden, an empath; and Pizzle, a nerd-genius]. Upon arrival, they orbit the planet and discover two major civilization centers. They chose to land at the primary center in the middle of the continent. After landing next to an enormous domed city, they exit their spaceship wearing environmental suits, are captured by a party coming from the giant city, and immediately separated after being taken into the city. They are given mindwipes called 'psilobes' in an attempt to delete their old memories and give them new ones, but the psilobes do not take. (view spoiler)[ Crocker is tortured to become a secret weapon for the secret police; Yarden is turned into a type of artist and enjoys her interactions with her new comrades; Pizzle is turned into a common laborer; Treet becomes the special 'pet' for the leader of the City of Dome. (hide spoiler)]

The first third of this book really didn't compel me that much. The characters were solid, but the plot bogged down in apparently needless sociological details. However, events ramped up as the characters moved from one location to the next, exploring their new world in earnest and finding rebirth around every turn. The symbolism took on a much denser, richer quality and transformed the entire story.Treat leaves Earth to travel to Empyrion after being recruited richly by a corporation on Earth. Upon arrival, he and his friends are captured, separated, and drugged into "reconditioning" in the domed city on the planet. When political events brewing in the dome lead them sideways, they escape across a desert and find the true Empyrean--a paradise so alluring that nothing could make them leave--except the need to save it from the evils of the dome.
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Kathryn Mueller
Even though Stephen Lawhead is a "Christian" author, his books aren't obviously Christian. He writes of different lands and cultures, and his Christian heritage comes out in how some people/cities (in this case, Dome) are truly evil, worshiping hateful things and giving themselves over to being almost like animals....while another people/land/city (in this case, Fierra) represents Heaven in being loving, caring, hard working , and are transformed by their fierce love for their God.For a summary and more complete review of this and the sequel, see my blog:
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