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The Second Summer Of The Sisterhood (2003)

The Second Summer of the Sisterhood (2003)
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The Second Summer Of The Sisterhood (...
The Second Summer Of The Sisterhood (2003)

About book: Also reviewed at my blog, Sassy & Dangerous! I had hoped this book would change my mind about the series, but, unfortunately, it didn't. I kept putting off finishing this book because of how much it bored me. The characters were the same, annoying, bratty and frustrating. The plot was alright, it intrigued me a little bit more, but to be honest, I actually looked forward to reading about Carmen's mother! She was a lot more interesting than the girls! Bridget: She finds out that her grandmother has been trying to contact her and her brother Perry her via letters ever since her mother died, but her father has been hiding those letters. Angrily, Bridget decides that she is going to Alabama to see her grandmother.After her summer in California, Bridget has changed a lot. She dyed her hair brown, gained some weight, stopped playing soccer, and just hasn't been herself.In my head, I was just thinking, "well, hello, that's the consequences of being careless," But in this book, actually I enjoyed Bridget a lot more. She was trying to find herself, just like all sixteen year old's do.One of the things I was annoyed with was how the author left out why her father disliked Bridget's grandmother so much. Why would he hide all those letters? Through the entire book no information was given on that topic.At the end though, it made me smile because it finally felt that she was happy again. I just hope she won't be as reckless in the third book as she was in the first. I enjoyed reading about her this time and I'm curious to know what she's going to be like in the next book.Carmen: It's hard enough on her that her father got married last summer and has a new family now, but she just can't deal with her mom having a new beau and so she sets out to destroy their relationship!First off.. My god girl, PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER! Carmen was nothing but a little selfish brat that only cared for her own self happiness. I despised how she was acting towards her mother, I despised how she treated everyone, I just despised her!Her mom was so happy about being with David, once Carmen saw that, the only thought that came to her head was, "NO, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE HAPPY!" And she literally tries to sabotage their relationship, in which she succeeds. I was literally so close to throwing the book out in rain because of her.If I do decide to read the third book, I do hope she's changed, because she's really starting to get on my nerves.Lena: Last summer, Lena falls deeply in love with Kostos a handsome boy in Greece. When she returns home, she decides it's best to break up with him.But this summer, she can't help but constantly think about him and want him, even though she broke up with him. Unfortunately, things start to fall apart at home and back in Greece.I was really upset to read about Lena's summer. She was sad that she didn't have Kostos in her life anymore (even though she broke it off) and then a death in the family shook her even more. I felt really bad and I just wanted to hug her.I felt like she was more interesting in the second book than in the first one. She just seemed dull in the first summer, and this time, I felt like I could see what she felt and thought. I did enjoy Lena's character this time around and I'm curious to know what her third summer will be like.Tibby: She is off to a summer film program, trying to be someone she's not while also trying to forget about Bailey's death last summer. She is assigned to make a movie about anything and she chooses to do it about her mother, but learns that it wasn't the right decision. Instead, she makes a video about someone special to her.I felt the same way about Tibby just as I did with Carmen. She was acting like a complete butt head to her family, friends, and even Brian, the guy that likes her. I was so upset with how she was treating everyone that cared for her, that sometimes I would just skip a few pages.I was also upset at how she would treat her mom and the things she thought about her family sometimes. I also hated how she treated Brian. He was nothing but nice to her and she just didn't care. She had a "I hate the world attitude and no one cares about me," and to be frank, it annoyed me.Overall, if I do decide to read the next book, I do hope the characters have a drastic change to their attitudes.

“The Second Summer of the Sisterhood”, is the second book to the sequel of “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”. The author of this heart wrenching, realistic fiction book is Ann Brashares. The main point of the book is about a group of four teenage girls that have been together since birth, and they never split from each others sides, that is until last summer. Last summer they all went their separate ways and did different things. This summer was almost the same, but not quite. Last summer the girls went to a thrift shop and found a pair of jeans that magically fit all four of the different shaped girls! They came up with a list of rules for the pants and shipped the pants and a written letter to each other each week. One week was Tibby, the next week was Lena, then came Bridgette, and finally was Carmen’s turn. They kept the same ritual for this summer! There are four main characters in the book. There is Lena: the oldest, Bridgette: the soccer player, Carmen: the stubborn girl, and Tibby: the laid back kind of girl. There are also minor characters like Lena’s sister Effie, and Lena’s boyfriend Kostos. Carmen and her mom are a huge part of this book, because her and her mother have problems that they resolve. Bridgette and her grandmother are together everyday of the summer while Bridgette is staying with her. The story takes place in present day, and the place switches back and forth between the girls. Bridgette is in Texas with her grandmother, Tibby is in Cliff Falls, Lena is back to Greece, and Carmen is home. This is one of my favorite parts of the book, because I love that they all are in different places, it makes you feel adventurous as you’re reading.If you like reading a book about drama, then I recommend it for you. This book is about teenage girls and their lives, so I think teenage girls would enjoy this book the most. I know I enjoyed reading this book, because it keeps you on your toes with the girls!
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This book was okay. As with the first book, I feel like they didn't develop the characters at all and I didn't really understand why they do what they did. These books also relies on assuming a lot, which I hate. It's one thing where you can see it on TV or the movies and assume, but reading is a lot different. Just like chatting and email sometimes, it's hard to get attitude out of it, these books remind me of that.Lena writes the introduction this time and her story is about her and her fling from the summer before, Kostos. I guess they dated long distance most of the year and broke up around January, but apparently it's still bugging her. He comes to the States from Europe for the summer and just shows up and they start up really hot and heavy before he just leave suddenly and goes back to Greece. Apparently he knocked up some girl he was with after he and Lena "broke up". She was devastated.Carmen has issues with her mother dating. She doesn't like that it is not just the two of them anymore and takes it out in a very mean way.Tibby goes to some film program at college. She tries to fit in and make friends with "the cool kids" but when her friend Brian shows up, she is embarrassed to be with him. She makes a first film about her mother, which makes fun of her a lot and when her entire family shows up at the festival to surprise Tibby, she gets embarrassed and for her final project, does it on her friend that died in the last book. The part about this situation that annoyed me, is that the school and the program she did at a college totally reminded me of CalArts, a program I did when I was in high school. In the book, Tibby just got to leave for days at a time, have people over that where not in the program and no one even cared. You should have seen the shit we where not allowed to do at CalArts, because we where in high school, as Tibby was supposed to be at all. Since we where all under 18 (and even if you weren't!) you had to abide by the rules like you where. They had to know where you where at all times. The book was so so fake, in that area.Bridget had a hard year after she got back from soccer camp. She changed a lot and didn't do sports anymore. For the summer, she went down to Alabama where her grandmother (her mother's mother) lived. Her mom died a few years back and her father cut off all contact with his deceased wife's family. But Bee wanted to know. So she lied to her grandmother about being a drifter and worked in her house, cleaning for the summer. So lame. Of course, the grandmother knew after a while and Bee met up with some of her childhood summer friends, because her family would come to Alabama every summer when she was a kid and started playing soccer again.To sum it up, entertaining, but lame.Grade: C
This book was incredible. I loved it even more than the first in the series...if that's possible. I really liked how the story centered around Lena quite a bit. She's my favorite character. I can really relate to Lena. Lena doesn't fall in love easily, but when she does, she's very far gone. Then, when she gets her heart broken, it hurts more. It pained me when Lena found out about Kostos. I saw it coming, but she didn't. Love blinded her. I also really loved this book because I finally understood what was going on with Bridget. Before, I thought she was an overly cheery character who was reckless and naive. But now I see that she moves fast to hide from her own past, and that she's been through more than anyone could ever imagine. I also really like Tibby's story. Some people might say it was stupid because Tibby basically learned the same lesson she did in the first book, but I disagree. When Tibby learned her lesson in the first book, she had Bailey there to show her and tell her when she was doing something wrong. Now that Tibby doesn't have Bailey, she has to do it by herself. It reminds me of a quote I love: "How do you live your life when no one's watching?" I think that was Tibby's main problem, but I also think she won't make the same mistake again. Carmen's story was a little harder for me to relate to until I got to the lines, "Carmen wasn't good at loving. She loved too hard." That really made me understand what was going on with her. Carmen cares so much about the people she's close to that she protects them in all the wrong ways. All in all, this was a fantastic book, filled with both complex theories and light humor. I can't wait to read the next one!
The pants are back! Here they are to give these wonderful friends the summer they have all been waiting for. I hope this book is as good as the first one! As same as in the first book of the sisterhood the author Ann Brashares uses the technique of putting for stories in 1 because each friend is living a different life, this author uses a great word choice “ whirlwind, hiatus, clunking, but’ she doesn’t use much word repetition, and I also love how she characterizes the new characters and the i
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