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The Second Thanksgiving (2000)

The Second Thanksgiving (2000)
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The Second Thanksgiving (2000)
The Second Thanksgiving (2000)

About book: The Second Thanksgiving is a very good read, although not what I expected. I picked it up as a kindle freebie and finally got around to reading it over the Thanksgiving holiday. I was expecting a nice, light read as most holiday books are. Instead, I discovered a well-researched history with deep spiritual truths.I was a little confused at the beginning because the story starts in 1863 Washington D.C. with Lincoln signing the act to create the Thanksgiving holiday. It was an interesting story, but I felt like the prologue and epilogue were distracting from the core of the story set in 1623 (although I would be interested in reading more about the 1863 characters). Back in 1623, the story focuses on the Cooke family as they seek to survive in a strange land and stay true to their beliefs. From the author's note at the end, it sounds like most of the characters in the story were real people and McIntosh sought to stay true to personalities and events as much as possible.Just a couple problems stood out to me. There were a couple cases of mixed up homonyms (ex. accept instead of except). Also, sometimes, in order to explain something to a modern reader, the narrator stepped out of the story too much, and several characters displayed more modern ideas. I understand that the author has to make the protagonists sympathetic, but it's awkward when they seem out of their time. Overall, these issues were minor and I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in early American history or Christian fiction. This was a really great historical fiction book! Lots of interesting information and background into the time of the settlers of Plymouth area. Very interesting in light of today's political climate, too. I really wish there was a greater understanding of the events surrounding the founding of our great country. The miracles started happening long before the American Revolution. I would highly recommend it for those interested in history.
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A nice glimpse into this important part of our history!
I guess it just wasn't my cup of tea!
Very good book.
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