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The Secret Series Complete Collection (2011)

The Secret Series Complete Collection (2011)
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0316201227 (ISBN13: 9780316201223)
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
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The Secret Series Complete Collection...
The Secret Series Complete Collection (2011)

About book: I bought The Secret Series because of its author. I mean, who DOESN'T want to read books by someone called Pseudonymous Bosch? These books are for kids. I think an advanced 7-year-old could read these, but he/she might need some help with the more uncommon words. They appear to be aimed at the 9 to 11 age group, though. These books follow three kids trying to work out the details of a ginormous conspiracy. It starts out with Cass, a survivalist. She meets Max-Earnest, a brain - the kid remembers the oddest stuff. They're joined later by Yo-Yoji, a wild child. They're being chased hither, thither and yon by a bunch of eternal-youth-seeking crazies called The Midnight Sun. The members of the Midnight Sun actually creep me right out; I think it's the gloves they all wear. This is a great series. Bosch (whomever he really is) did a wonderful job of putting together a series of books that is pretty interactive (one of the books actually has a waiver at the beginning). Occasionally, he departs from the main plot to speak directly to the reader, describing a feeling or experience or a taste, as though carrying on a conversation with the reader. It's quite creative. I've read and own all the series except for Book 5.This book is filled with thrills and suspense. It tells about the story of Cass, a survivalist who's always predicting danger even if it never happens. She met her one and only friend, Max-Earnest at school. Max-Earnest is a very intelligent boy who knows everything and is allergic to anything! He's a fast talker too. Together, they on a very, very exciting and thrilling adventure including black magic, two very strange people and gloves. I recommend this book to all kids out there who loves a good adventure and thrill.
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Intense, mysterious, and the narrator is hilarious!!! Great books! Thanks Jessica!
How do u read this book I thought in this application u can read!!!!!!!!!!!!
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