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The Secret Wife Of King George IV (2001)

The Secret Wife of King George IV (2001)
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The Secret Wife Of King George IV (2001)
The Secret Wife Of King George IV (2001)

About book: This is a sympathetic portrayal of King George IV and his relationship with Maria Fitzherbert, who was his first wife but was never recognized as such by English law. I just finished this novel yesterday. I read it over the course of two days, while my back was out, I pretty much read straight through without coming up for air. I found it to be a very moving story and while not the most fabulously written historical novel I've ever read I did think that Diane Haeger did a wonderful job of creating life like characters based on these historical figures. The love story between Maria and the Prince Regent (he later becomes King George) was very moving. As a rule I do not care for 'Romance' novels and while I think this should be categorized as 'Historical Romance' I still enjoyed it very much. Yes, there were some sexually intimate moments between the characters. I don't typically care for such exchanges, but I thought Haeger portrayed them tastefully. Readers with more puritanical sensibilities than I could be offended by such exchanges. While the political history of the period is only a muted backdrop to the love story the relationship between the Prince Regent and King George III plays a larger role. I found myself feeling sorry for those born to royalty who are forced to resist what they would want for themsleves in order to satisfy their country. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a bitter-sweet love story.

An overly romanticized portrayal of the relationship between the catholic Maria Fitzherbert and King George VI(whom he illegally married while he was still the Prince of Wales). The author clearly has a lot of sympathy for George (who wasn't all that sympathetic) and gives him way too much credit for having a noble character - while history clearly shows us he was not so noble after all. If you want a more realistic fictionalized depiction of Mrs Fitzherbert and her relationship with the sixth George, I would recommend "The Sweet Lass from Richmond Hill" by Jean Plaidy.
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I was not familiar with the reign of King George IV, heir to King George III who reigned during the American Revolution, until stumbling upon this book. For me, it was enlightening to find a book which I found just as interesting as any of those written about the Tudor dynasty while offering an opportunity to learn more about a monarch about which I had previously known very little. This book delivers an intriguing glimpse into the personal life of King George IV and his scandalous secret marriage to Maria Fitzherbert, which was considered invalid under the laws of England, since she was a Roman Catholic and members of the royal family were allowed only to marry within the Protestant faith at the time. It is also intensely personal journey of a woman adjusting to a life of wife/mother in a very politically complicated time. This book is a fascinating, well written, and enjoyable account of one of the most intriguing love stories of all time and Haeger does a magnificent job of making the characters who make the facts of the story come to life. Highly recommended!
I love historical fiction, especially about English history. This is a fun book, easy to read, about the life of King George and his "wife" Maria. The characterization is good, not great. The historical descriptions of the time are accurate and magical. Some of the behaviors of George are a bit too simply explained. His choosing what was best for the country over what was best for him is a bit far-fetched. It makes me want to read a biography of George to see what historians have to say about his love life.
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