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The Secret's In The Sauce (Center Point Christian Fiction (2009)

The Secret's in the Sauce (Center Point Christian Fiction (2009)

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About book The Secret's In The Sauce (Center Point Christian Fiction (2009)

These are real women. Not your normal fictional Christians, they are all dealing with life as best they can and having to be reminded that God is in control so they need to be constantly looking to Him. I started with this book, so I guess I need to go back and read the Potluck series so I can get a little background, although this book covered a lot of past history, so I don't know what else I'll find...I'm anxious to find out though! One of my favorite places to visit is Summit View. These ladies are such an encouragement because their most sincere desire is to please God. However, we are reminded that we are only human and can only do it by being in his will and PRAYING. Praying together and keeping in prayer is a wonderful way to know what God wants of you and for you. I enjoy each lady, they all bring something different to the table, and each one has a story and. Being from Colorado, I love the scenic descriptions. I especially loved the shower details. Sounds so perfect! As always the recipes are divine. Can't wait to try the lemon chicken and cheesesticks!

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This is a new series following The Potluck Club...same characters, continuing story.

Pretty good. I liked the development of each individual character.

Enjoyed this book! Many unexpected twists and love the characters.

I thought this book was a bit like a bad opera...

Is a great book to read

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