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The Servants Of Twilight (1991)

The Servants of Twilight (1991)

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(excuse my lack of proper capitalization I am on a phone.)I would rate this four stars if it were another author but this book didn't meet the mark I've come to expect from this author. koontz is usually amazing at suspense where I literally won't stop reading from the halfway mark to the end. instead most of the suspense was in the first half, I started to find myself frustrated with the decisions the characters made and the complete lack of police protection. Also mad that they never explained what happened to the gaurd keeping watch outside the house taking down plates of all cars that drove by the night of the first ambush. he literally was never mentioned again! poor job overlooking that on koontz and his editor's part. I'm not used to plot holes in his books but I could have just missed them as I tend to blaze through his books in two days.the ending left much to be desired. supposedly we are supposed to decide for ourselves what the boy is. as many other reviews mentioned the last part of the book dragged on and even setting aside that we got no real answers, the ending itself was poor. I'd rather the mother have saved the day but that would not have given the characters (and thus the reader) enough reason to doubt themselves. I think it would have been a better ending not flirting with the supernatural or whatever. either way I think this book's overall experience is quite good even if it's a little under my expectations for the author. I would not particularly recommend this book to anyone unless they are constantly looking for new books to read and don't mind being a little disappointed.

I have thoroughly enjoyed most of the books I have read of Dean Koontz, but I thought this one stood out among them. In all of Koontz's books that I have read, I have found myself saying "Yeah right, this is ridiculous and could never happen". Even in my personal favorite Koontz novel, Lightning, i found many things unbelievable. But in The Servants of Twilight, Dean Koontz crafts a believable AND enjoyable storyline.Christine Scavello has a young son, Joey, who is an exceptional little boy who is very well behaved, and never gets into trouble. That is until one day, after a routine trip to the supermarket, a crazed old woman begins following Joey, believing that he is the Antichrist. At first this sounds insane, but then you realize that religious cults can indeed be as crazy as this particular villain, Grace Spivey. Christine hires a PI, Charlie, to help her escape the looney woman, and as in all other Koontz novels, they fall in love. It's very interesting to see the story unfold from all angles. You see the book from the point of view of the villain and the victims, so it is much more interesting. The book has many twists and turns to bring you to the end, and believe me, it's worth it.

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This one stole a star sliding into home at the last second leaving the ending ambiguous and a little creepy. However, most of the book is the same rhetoric spewed in the same formula with little variation to warrant anyone picking this particular Koontz book up over any of the others. The highlight of the book is the use of both sides fighting under the elk of presumably the same God. A concept not explored enough in any medium. The theme of two sides of the coin, but in the same pocket allows the reader to wonder, and second guess his way through most of the novel. Hesitantly we stick with the good guys, but we continue to wonder if we're routing for the right team.
—Tom Nittoli

I read this book because I thought it was one I read before my little brother was born (I remember wanting my mom to name him Joey because of the book). But now, I'm not so sure it's the same book I thought I remembered. Besides the kid's name there was one other detail I associated with it, and that detail was not here.So, reviewing the book afresh (because I don't know what I would have seen in it as a pre-teen), it was okay. The plot was interesting and had a bit of elevated supernatural mystery that I tend to enjoy, but I think I was often distracted by the writing style. This is the only Dean Koontz book I've ever read, so I can't say if it's typical, and he is a good writer. But for me... there was often too much detail. Unnecessary detail. Repeated detail. Sometimes almost clinical and procedural detail. It was the kind of thing that just robbed the immediacy of the action and left me feeling the opposite of what description is supposed to do. His picture was so specific I couldn't follow and completely lost the atmosphere. And this followed right through to the lengthy ending which may as well have just been called a postscript. But that, along with the (view spoiler)[Deus ex Machina ending that was probably meant to deepen the mystery, but instead felt, well like a cheap deus ex machina (hide spoiler)]

3.5 StarsIt took me so long to read this book partly because I was moving and partly because it dragged a bit. This story could have been written as a novella or a short story. The protagonist constantly running away from The Servants of Twilight became repetitive and towards the end I just wanted it to end. However I enjoyed the story and I think the ending makes the book worth reading. That ending. SPOILER. SPOILER. SPOILER. When The Servants of Twilight found Christine, Joy and Charlie in Tahoe and found them again in the cave, during the storm that covered their tracks, I was convinced that Joey was truly the Antichrist. I was hoping there would be an epic battle between Joey and Grace Spivey and the depths of hell would open and just some crazy plot twist. But I do like how Dean Koontz handled it. Is it a coincidence that Chewbaca looks exactly like Brandy and under Brandy's tombstone in the pet cemetery is the wrong dog?Or that Christine and Charlie's nearly fatal wounds were feeling fine after Grace Spivey was killed by bats? Don't get me started on the bats. I think Joey is the antichrist and Dean Koontz should write a sequel.
—Taylor McKines

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