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The Seven Devils (2012)

The Seven Devils (2012)

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Okay, I read this book for one reason and one reason only. Yeah it sounded interesting, but the real reason is that it was free on the Kindle and boy am I glad that it was because I can't be nearly as upset after reading a book I got for free compared to one I had to pay to read.What can I compare this book to?'s like watching a horror movie, a really horrible Sci-fi channel inspired movie with actors/actresses that exude self-importance and take their job way too seriously. Normally I gravitate to crappy horror movies, well maybe not Sci-fi channel horrible, because I know that they are going to be hilarious and are going to suck from the moment they start. That is the fantastic part about watching them. This book fails in the same way those movies do, it tries way too hard. It starts off with Ellen's father trying to kill her and then her and her self-absorbed mother and brother moving away to live at an aunt's house. Hey Dot, nice to meet you in the two sentences you occupy in the story. There was a lot of that, people and situations thrown into the book to establish why something else occurred and then they disappeared into the sunset to never be heard from again. In a sense it was rushed, the whole story was rushed especially the love. Ellen meet Neil, Neil meet Ellen and now come the thoughts removing clothes and shoving tongues down other people's throats.If instant love wasn't great enough, let's throw in the fact that Ellen is a complete and utter moron. She's been abused by her father, almost murdered, and then all the stuff Derrick puts her through (he's a gem that one) and she still falls completely in love with Neil A.S.A.P. No reservations, no concerns, nothing! Really because that seems to defy all logic I would believe she should possess. And then there is Neil's abilities, his "Seven Devils" (I see what you did there how clever). Ellen, isn't fazed one bit. Sure she cries a bit but she just loooooooooooooves Neil so much that it doesn't seem to matter he's manipulated her feelings before; after all it was just to comfort her when she was stressed. Ah, yeah that's how it all starts. Soon our hapless heroine is dashing off to cabins in the woods (never a good thing) and to the Big Apple with a boy she just met but totally and utterly loves. Um, 'kay. Because once again logic seems to dictate that she should have a bigger issue with men.So as we traipse through the life of our clueless and naive main character you start to realize that this story as no real plot, no real direction it's just a conglomeration of various "fantasies" like being swept off her feet, a romantic cabin in the woods, a trip to New York, a fancy dress, and even a fairy godmother to boot (sorry Josh is actually a guy and the only redeemable thing about this book). It was a strange mixture of Cinderella meets Pretty Woman.Then there were the grammatical errors and what I find super funny about this is the fact that the author is a librarian. Not that that should matter, but unfortunately that means I hold you to a higher standard than most (after all I work in the same profession so I know a thing or two). I mean reading books, keeping up on trends, grammatical percision, is our schtick and I found this to be sincerely lacking in any sort of plot, rushed, and completely and utterly unbelievable.What was really great was when I got to the point of the book when the only word on the screen was no, followed by a second screen with just no, then a third and a fourth finally with NO! That's exactly was I was thinking. No, this can't be real; No, I can't believe I wasted time reading this; No there really can't be a second book; No way in Hades I would have paid money for this book.Actually the more I think about it the more it makes me laugh. Laugh because I can't fully comprehend what I just read, meaning I can't believe it was so dumb and I read it. So maybe it has more in common with those horrid horror movies, but I'd still rather watch Sharktopus repeatedly than read this book again. I'm a bit mixed on this book. On the one hand, I really enjoyed it despite the unbelievability of Ellen and her family. (And, if Mum wanted to split from Dad and older brother didn't, why didn't he just stay there? It's not like she ever tried to be a happy family unit with just the three of them and he was almost 18 anyway.)Ellen's instant attraction to Neil didn't phase me either (since this *IS* a fantasy and that's kind of par for the course.) The "everyone's rich and beautiful" in the new town was harder to swallow. As was her attraction to Derrick. I would have so been out of that car and NEVER alone with him after recognizing his friends at the pool party. (I do, however, understand the desire not to make waves and inability say "no" as a remnant of her abusive father.)The book had good pacing and lots of action. Ellen *DID* eventually grow strong enough to face off her enemies alone. Like that Ellen continued to be "normal" and didn't develop superpowers. DID NOT like that the ending was a set up for a series.I'm not, however, quite sure I can go through another book with the same protagonists.(Oh, and Carnegie MelLon has two "l"s. The Mellons are rolling in their graves...well, the ones that are actually dead at least.)

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I need to know when the next book is coming out... Can not end like this....

This story was well written and had a wonderful plot.

can't wait for the second book!

It was great!

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