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The Shade Of The Moon (2013)

The Shade of the Moon (2013)
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The Shade Of The Moon (2013)
The Shade Of The Moon (2013)

About book: Oh my. What mixed feelings I have on this book. First of all, can I please just say how much I hate Jon? At first I didn't realize who he was, but then soon after I got to the second chapter I discovered that he was really the Jonny that I had loved and shipped with Julie in the previous books. As the book dragged on, I couldn't believe how selfish he had gotten and how much everything had changed after four years. I was glad that Miranda and Alex got together in the end, and I was even happier that they were expecting a baby, but unfortunately, I couldn't say the same about Jon. Jon and his strange making-out-after-five-pages-of-meeting-you relationship with Sarah. Oh Sarah.Sarah, I don't like you much at all. And that's saying something, because I wanted to like you, I really did. And I tried, too. Are you sure you're not bipolar? I'm pretty sure you are, maybe you should get tested or something. The reason I say this is because she never can make up her mind, and I guess I don't blame her with everyone constantly lying to her. The poor girl doesn't know what to believe. I did like the fact that she changed Jon at the very end into someone who was less selfish and not blind to what was happening in the world. And can I just say that I had the biggest aha moment when Jon said that history wasn't taught in school anymore? I immediately thought, "Those who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it." All those equal rights movements that occurred in the past... Nothing. I thought that the entire plot of this book was extremely random and far-fetched. Maybe the author should have turned this into another series that continued the story of the same characters, but in a different way. However, this storyline absolutely had nothing to do with what happened previously and I didn't like that very much.I gave this book three stars because I basically enjoyed reading about the continued adventures of my favorite characters. I have to admit, learning that this series wasn't a trilogy was a pleasant surprise and immediately went out to seek the fourth book. Much to my disappointment, this book wasn't anything like the last three. Sigh. Thank. Heavens. I'm finished with this book.To say it was awful is generous.I loved the first two books in this series. The third was okay. The fourth was stupid. Plain old stupid.The characters were not likeable, and the dialogue and plot were very stilted. The conversations were dumb and superficial for people who are supposedly living in a new world order.I also grew to hate the use of the words grub and claver. They were overused and pointless. The entire book was pointless.I wish I had not wasted money on this book. I can pretty much promise that none of my students will read more than a page or two of it.
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I really only loved the first book in the series. I'm disappointed.
This book was a disgrace to the series! DON'T READ IT!!!!!
Eh...I was a little disappointed.
So much death
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