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The Shore Road Mystery (1997)

The Shore Road Mystery (1997)
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The Shore Road Mystery (1997)
The Shore Road Mystery (1997)

About book: The Hardy Boys have more traumatic things befall them in one chapter of their books than most real detectives have happen to them in their entire careers. In this book they are knocked out by gas, nearly die of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, have two motorcycle crashes, are almost crushed by a falling station wagon, help a friend keep his sabotaged boat from sinking, nearly have their boat sabotaged, rescue a girlfriend from drowning who is trapped in a fishing net, are nearly mowed down by a combine, rescue a man from being burned alive in a forest fire, shot at while flying in an airplane, have fake grenade with a warning note tossed through their window, caught by weapons smugglers who tie them up and prepare to kill them with poison gas, and these are just the items I remember off the top of my head. I've read 5 of these books this year and the formula is pretty much the same in all of them. As long as you remember you aren't reading Tolstoy or Faulkner you can pass a few hours with some refreshingly cornball detective stories.

The Shore Road Mystery by Franklin W. Dixon is a perfect book for anyone looking for a short and suspenseful mystery. Its main characters, brothers Frank and Joe Hardy, are high school students in Bayport who occasionally solve mysteries with their friend Chet Morton. Their father, Fenton Hardy is a famous private detective who used to work for the NYPD. Mr. Hardy is constantly getting new cases and he can only solve some of them so he passes on the rest to his sons. In this mystery the Hardy boys and Chet are trying to solve the mysterious car jackings along Shore Road. One suspspensful moment in this book is when the brothers have to decide if their own friend is innocent. This is an action-packed book that I really enjoyed and I hope you will too.
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This book is about two brothers, Frank and Joe Hardy. They are in high school. Their Dad is a famous detective and some times they help him with his cases. But most of the time they solve their own mysteries with their friend Chet Mortin. This story is told in a third person perspective. In this book, they solve a case of missing cars.I thought this is a old, but great book. I thought the book was exciting and that it got intense when they were in a plane with their plane and got shot at by by an unkown shooter. I thought was a good easy book to read. I would recommend it to any class mate who just wants a quick, easy mystery because it is fun to read. This book is part of a 64 book series.
Darcy Stewart
I really enjoyed this Hardy Boy book. Although I did feel like it lacked something. I didn't think there quite enough adventure. I was a just a little disappointed. Not a whole lot took place. Although I did really like how they chasing car thieves. And they solved Jack's mystery. Interesting how these boys are always there to save the day. They get bad notes and some sabotage. They do get kidnapped and have to wiggle themselves out. I always like to see them struggle.The suspense was okay. but could have been better. At the end I was a little worried with how it would end. I kinda went oh-now what?
I am an avid reader of Hardy Boys since I was, well as far as I can remember. I still remember crying when in Delhi during a vacation to get a copy ;P, when along with my cousins I was just strolling around outside. So I decided to give this a go just to relax a bit. the story starts with a friend,Jack, of Hardy Boys asking them to help out in a family mystery to find a treasure. Meantime cars are being stolen in Bayport and interestingly the evidence is pointing to Jack and his father. the suddenly one day Jack and his father are kidnapped. The story is how the boys solve the mystery and also trap the car thieves.My purpose was served. ;) Just a stroll through 210 pages!
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