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The Silent Governess (2010)

The Silent Governess (2010)

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0764207075 (ISBN13: 9780764207075)
Bethany House

About book The Silent Governess (2010)

This was the first book I read from Julie Klassen. I rate this book 3 stars. It was a pleasant, clean read. I enjoyed the mystery in the story and there were enough twists in the plot to make it interesting. However, I did not find the romance between the main characters exciting enough for my liking. I wished there were more romantic moments between Olivia and Lord Bradley. I did enjoy Julie Klassens's writing style and I look forward to reading a few more of her books. Well, though I find it very difficult to figure out a rating for this book, I must say it was masterfully written. The mystery element to it was very well done, and even though, once I got to know the characters, I was able to predict it's ending, it was an enthralling tale. There were a few too many illegitimate children and familial misunderstandings for my taste, and I was very disappointed to find that Olivia's family did not really work itself out. I figured she was going to fall in love with Edward the moment he met her, though I had my hopes. In my eyes, Edward was nothing more than a rich snob who would've been better off just marrying Sybil. Oh well. Julie Klassen is a really good author. However, I would like it a lot if made her romance just as unpredictable as her mystery.

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Klassen once again brilliantly blends many genres together into a tale that is hard to stop reading!

this story is a StoryAnd This story is kind of scary for me

Twists and turns! Boy, was I ever wrong!

I love this author's writing !!

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