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The Sisters Brothers (2011)

The Sisters Brothers (2011)
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0062041266 (ISBN13: 9780062041265)
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The Sisters Brothers (2011)
The Sisters Brothers (2011)

About book: I liked this book a lot and the pacing was fantastic. As a period piece it really immersed me in the time period and I genuinely cared for the main character. The dynamic with him and his brother was interesting and I liked that they were rivals but still cared for each other. The last quarter kind of condensed a bunch of plot into it and ultimately seemed like a strange way to approach the ending, but the actual ending was charming and well-deserved.This book made me care more about the well-meaning but oft-clumsy-and-stupid horse, Tub, than I care about protagonists in a lot of other books. Quirky and entertaining. Although it's a play on an old genre, Patrick Dewitt has found a way to make his Western fresh and new. He essentially takes two despicable characters and finds a way to make us care about them, even like them. He does this from a distance, without resorting to sentimentality, even though the story's told in first person by a sad sad character. It's quite a trick. The settings are vivid and original, the cast of characters odd and compelling. The book has some pretty graphic violence, but still manages to make the reader laugh. I even found the ending touching. A good book, not for the squeamish, worth the read.
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I know it's highly rated and multiple award winner. Just didn't resonate with me. Disappointing
An easy read. Whilst not the greatest, it kept me engaged. I would recommend it.
Loved it, highly recommended.
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