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The Snow White Christmas Cookie (2012)

The Snow White Christmas Cookie (2012)
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The Snow White Christmas Cookie (2012)
The Snow White Christmas Cookie (2012)

About book: The Berger/Mitry series is so much fun with its believable portrayal of smalltown life with a mix of affluent, middle class, and working class people. The switchup of having the main female character, Des, always working to keep Mitch out of trouble is a nice touch.David Handler strikes a good balance between solving the mystery and revealing more details about the development of Des and Mitch's personal relationships with each other, their families, friends, and the community. Snow White Christmas Cookie was an enjoyable read. There's nothing more enjoyable than settling in with a couple of old friends on a cold winter's day and catching up. This is exactly how I feel about revisiting Dorset, CT and Resident Trooper Des Mitry and her main man, film critic Mitch Berger. The unlikely pair have found a comfortable living in Dorset, where "swamp monkeys" rub elbows with New England blue bloods. When mail starts missing out of the historic districts' mailboxes, Trooper Des is asked to look into it before calling in the postal inspectors. When Des realizes that prescription drugs are also being taken, she knows she has a bigger problem on her hands. When a mail carrier is found dead of an apparent suicide, she brings in the big guns - FBI, Postal Inspectors and the state's Narcotics Squad. And when Mitch turns up missing from the roadhouse bar with ties to the mob, things go from bad or worse in a hurry. The Berger and Mitry series are a quick and quirky read. Not quite a "cozy" mystery - the harsh realities of life are dealt with in a no nonsense manner - but a very comfortable read with engaging characters.
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always enjoy spending time with Des and Mitch also a great small town setting.
Mr. Handler's books are always good. Mitch and Des are a great couple!
My favorite book of the series. Can't wait for the next installment.
Fantastic !!! Love these books and the previous series w hoag !!!!
boring, predictable and not interesting... skipped a lot..
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