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The Solitude Of Passion (2013)

The Solitude of Passion (2013)

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1624300081 (ISBN13: 9781624300080)
Addison Moore Publishing

About book The Solitude Of Passion (2013)

This contains spoilers!! Where to start?!? I really loved this book. I loved the story, I loved how is didn't drag on and on with to many details and a drawn out timeline. It was a very emotional book. It really made you think about how quickly life can change.What I didn't like was Lee. I understand she would have been extremely confused and heartbroken and not to mention feeling a million other emotions with having her "dead" husband back, but I didn't like how she would tell Mitch one thing then turn around and tell Max another. Same goes with sleeping with them the way she did. A lot of her confusion was caused from her playing both men at the same time.Max-I LOVED Max. I loved that he was always there for Lee. He was forgiving even tho she kept making the mistake of cheating on him with Mitch. He was truly in love with her and the children. I agreed with the way he handled Mitch and was man enough to try and involve him with the children. There was nothing I would have changed about his character!! Mitch....well he was ok. I felt so bad for him in the beginning of the book. I really wanted him home with his wife and unborn baby....but after he came back 5 years later-not so much. He didn't seem genuine. Of course he wanted his wife and life back-that's understandable. But how does he expect her to just drop everything after 5 years-and thinking he was DEAD?!? He was after what he wanted and didn't care who he hurt to get it. Overall I would def recommend this book. It was very long-but I enjoy long books. It had closure at the end and wasn't rushed!! This was a random Kindle Lending Library read and I was a little disappointed. Still I managed to binge read most of the book, so it's a solid 2. Most of my problem is that it doesn't really conform to romance standards and I was looking for something predictable in that way. Still the situation, woman discovers her first husband, who everyone thought died 5 years ago, shows up very much alive and everyone has to figure out how to go forward, is a good one and probably the reason I flew through this one so quickly. Lee is very much in love with both men and can't imagine saying no to either, so the drama is real. The other problem, though is that there's a lot of other stuff going on in this book and most of it suffers from a lack of space to develop fully. The long dead husband has an interesting story of faith, but this isn't a Christian romance, so it comes up only when convenient - not quite enough to make it a full-blown subplot, but too much to be casually shoehorned in the way it is. And there are too many other story lines like this to name. It was good enough to finish, but not one I'd recommend.

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Not a normal read for me but I was instantly drawn into this story! Great from beginning to end!

amazing! alot of up & down and back & forth but a really really good book.

A most unusual story but I enjoyed it very much.

warning: headache inducing

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