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The Sorcery Code (2013)

The Sorcery Code (2013)

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0988391392 (ISBN13: 9780988391390)
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About book The Sorcery Code (2013)

Typically when I want a good book to read, I do not gravitate to fantasy novels. However, I have been feeling adventurous lately and decided to think “outside my box.” So I picked up The Sorcery Code by Dima Zales and Anna Zaires in audio book format. And, all I can say is that I am thrilled that I did. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I know fantasy fans will love it! The narration is performed by Emily Durante. And, the distinguishing voices of the characters only add to their appeal making the reader form lasting connections.The story brings you into a world of class division. The ruling class is set aside from their subjects by their sorcery abilities. Blaise – a once-respected sorcerer, who is now an outcast, sets out to change the injustice. Through his experiments, the mysterious woman Gala comes to be from the Spell Realm. As she discovers her newly formed world of consciousness along with Blaise’s help, the powerful sorceress Augusta and the ruthless warrior Barson vow to destroy her.Each new chapter of The Sorcery Code masterfully develops the characters as the reader is allowed to view the world through each character’s eyes. The story is full of intrigue, suspense, battles and romance – something for everyone! The climatic ending opens the door for further books and leaves you wanting much more. The Sorcery Code takes you through a tangle of complicated romantic relationships, conspiracies on multiple levels, magic worthy of the great Merlin himself, and oddly enough manages to tell a fairly straightforward tale of class warfare the whole time. Though there are multiple elements and aspects to the story, the overarching narrative sounds very much like a magical retelling of a Communist revolution. The beginning is a little hard to get into (and seems slightly overdoing it as far as describing the physical attraction between two of the main characters), but by the time the last chapter rolls around you are stunned and confused that the book is over, since your emotions have been caught up in the fate of Blaze and Gala. The plot is not too complex, though it manages to hold on to a sense of realism -- one man out to right the wrongs of a revolution gone awry, leads to danger for him and the woman he loves. His former fiance and father figure in the mix both have secret agendas that do not match with that of the general council, but since nobody seems to like anybody else in this story (except those who are currently romantically involved) it doesn't seem out of place. Magic topples the nobility only to be threatened by the idea of the common people getting a hold of it themselves. As the best fantasy always does, this author has taken delicate, real-world topics and given them a surreal makeover in order to discuss them at length in a safe environment. Looking forward to the next book in this series!

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