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The (sort Of) Dark Mage (2013)

The (sort of) Dark Mage (2013)
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The (sort Of) Dark Mage (2013)
The (sort Of) Dark Mage (2013)

About book: Incredibly jillariou with an easy to understand magic system love most of the characters and cant wait to read the other booksOkay so i originally read the first 26 chapters on fanfic website because thats where it was originally published and then i made it to chapter 27 but that was only him telling people he published him and please support him which i didn't mind so i bought the book and like in either chapter 1 or 2 where his sister gave him the prophecy the reason why i liked it so much was cause it rhymed and it made sense and then i read the book the rhymes changed the whole quest he does change instead of getting 100 gold, 4 familiars, and a knights head he had to get a dragons Egg, 3 Familiars and a knights head... and i just think these changes in the first few chapters somewhat ruined the feel of the book thats why i reduced my rating of it i personally just don't see why he changed it and am kinda disappointed but i am still going to be an avid reader of the Waldo Rabbit series :) love the characters XD This has quickly become one of my top favorite books. The main character fails hilariously at being evil. He insists hes evil to the core and all he wants to do is please his mom (who is the head of the Corpselover family). Unfortunately the world seems to rebel against his attempts at being evil and he ends up being kind and merciful more often than not (which is a terrible insult to a dark mage). He also lacks any real world experience being locked in a castle his entire life while learning the dark arts, causing hilarious miscommunication and reactions like fear of the sun.
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A great book, I was late to work so I could finish a chapter. I can't wait for the next one.
Really enjoyed it, just good fun, hope there are more to come.
It was terribly fun and amazing I recommand it xD
Such a fun read !I'm glad I picked it!
One word: Genius - pure genius
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