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The Spindlers (2012)

The Spindlers (2012)
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The Spindlers (2012)
The Spindlers (2012)

About book: I admit I was a little bit disappointed. Lauren Oliver is one of my favourite author and also instant buy author (I'd buy whatever she writes, whatever the book is about.) It wasn't bad, but it didn't leave a mark either. I felt like sometimes it was dragging, and the scenes didn't convey much to me. I didn't feel sadness, happiness and fear when I should have felt it, I was just "reading" it. And I was reassuring myself so hard that I am going to like it, I am going to like it.Some parts were nice. The nocturni/ nocturna part was really nice. I did like the description of the spindlers.It was really imaginative but it lacked that certain... charm for me. I have become a big fan of Lauren Oliver and I was not disappointed. I know many like Liesl and Po is the best of the books but I like The Spindlers better. This book had something special that Liesl and Po just didn't reach. Close but not there. I thought the adventure that Liza set out on was rather fantastic. I really,really loved The Nocturni. The thought of shadowy humming birds being your companions for life. Watching out for you. The thought of them and her description is lovely. Mirabella is a cute,fun character and an interesting guide in Liza's journey.Liza's love for her brother and her determination to save him feels very real. I know a lot of people are comparing this to Alice in Wonderland and yes it will remind you of that but I also feel like Coraline is a good comparison as well.
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another middle grade fantasy from Oliver! I cant wait to get my eyes on it!
Unfortunately, I can not say that I liked this book.
Recommended by fifth grade.
veryyyyy slow read for me
I thought it was amazing
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