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The Spy Who Came For Christmas (2008)

The Spy Who Came For Christmas (2008)

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1593154879 (ISBN13: 9781593154875)
Vanguard Press

About book The Spy Who Came For Christmas (2008)

(Mystery 2008) An unlikely mix of the Christmas story and an action/undercover spy story, it works on some weird level. Paul/Pyotyr has infiltrated a group of Russian Mafia members working in the US, but breaks character to rescue a kidnapped baby on Christmas Eve. There is also an innocent family who gets caught up in the drama. Altogether, an interesting and exciting retelling of the Christmas story, quickly moving from start to beginning. I will look for more books from this author, although from his notes, this is the only one of its type for him. David Morrell's slim taut thriller in Santa Fe during the Christmas season is very satisfying. It takes a straight-forward story of a double agent hiding from his pursuers with a family having domestic troubles, adds to it an interestingly fresh perspective on the Christmas story and the story of the Magi, and in the limited time available shows strong characters. I can see where this book would fail many people...the twist at the end is hard to believe, really hard. However, it ties in with the message of the Christmas miracle and Morrell justifies the action of the changed party with good motives.

Do You like book The Spy Who Came For Christmas (2008)?

It was a really enjoyable Christmas story. This was exciting without being too syrupy.

Page turner. Lots of good information. Entertaining if a bit dark.

Good short book to read. Kept your interest from start to finish.

A quick, suspenseful read. Not a feel good Christmas story :)


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