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The Star King (2000)

The Star King (2000)

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One of the things that I have come to love about Goodreads is how reading one book leads you to another then another. This was from a recommendation for similar books to "An Accidental goddess" and I am so glad I decided to take a chance and get this book. It was such a thrilling, fun ride. I loved everything about it. Not sure if I will read more of the series just because I am not a huge sci-fi person but for a brief jaunt into something different it was so much fun!! I decided to read Susan Grant's Star Trilogy (The Star King, The Star Prince and the Star Princess) as a long single novel since each novel basically flows into the other with characters introduced in the first book eventually finding love in either of the next two. Overall I have enjoyed Ms. Grants' books, which always seem to mix romance and science fiction in a highly readable way. These three stories did not disappoint and I would recommend them to any one who enjoys a solid love story that warms the cold reaches of space (or one that happens Earth-side too).N.B. Just an afterthought. These were all previously published works from 1999 thru 2001. (The publisher looks to have re-released them with new covers before Ms. Grant's new Borderlands novel hit the shelves).Recommended.

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Great book. Wonderful characters.

This is a really good read

reread 8/2014



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