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The Suit (2014)

The Suit (2014)
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B.N. Toler
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The Suit (2014)
The Suit (2014)

About book: What an entertaining book! I loved both Edie and John aka Suit. John is a law school grad spending his summer on Edie's newly inherited horse farm to settle a debt that he owes her late grandfather. From the outside, it appears that Edie and John have little in common because they live such different lives. Edie is a pure farm girl with a certain sweetness and innocence to her, but she is also hardworking and very hospitable. She left college after 2 years to help her grandfather with his farm. John is a city boy who is looking for a life behind a desk rather than hard labor outdoors although he is very familiar with farm life having lived it before and never wanting to go back. Under the surface, they both have a lot in common and there's a side of John that is afraid to resurface while he battles this constantly when he's around Edie. While Edie and John work together, they strike up a friendship even though there's already a strong attraction, and they try for more for the duration that John is at the farm. Wow, the scenes that Edie and John act out lit up the pages and show a different side of them, but also explores a dynamic that was unique to only the two of them. I really liked how this was Edie's suggestion as part of her inner naughty side she wanted to explore and that John was game for all of it. Although Edie was a fantastic character in every way, it is really John who undergoes the more significant development and his progression was well portrayed. He was never a jerk to begin with despite his desperation to stay focused on his life path, and by the end, it was impossible not to want John and Edie to find a way to be together for the long term. Edie lost her grandfather, the man that raised her after losing her mother at a younger age.The Suit shows up when just when she thought things couldn't get worse.The Suit-- She called his that...he didn't care much for it.Edie lost her grandfather and was now forced the live with Johnny (The Suit)before she can inherit the land. Three months of torture, or so she thought.Johnny had known Daddy Bud for years. He reached out and helped him when he needed it most, he had to live by his dying wishes, he owed him everything.Johnny had no idea that three months in hick-ville would change his life forever.This book was a very enjoyable read. There was no cliffhanger leaving you on the edge of your seat waiting months for the next installment. There is room for supporting characters to have their own stories ;) Which I love when you develop that need for more about thee characters you grow to love.The book had it all, fun times, heated moments and even the drama needed to keep it going.
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not bad if slightly predictable
4.5 stars!
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