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The Summer I Gave Up Boys (2013)

The Summer I Gave Up Boys (2013)

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About book The Summer I Gave Up Boys (2013)

This book could have been so much better than it was. It entertained me for a little while which is why it gets some points. The main character was kind of negative and just wasn't good with people. That really annoyed me because she was constantly around people. When she started interesting with the main male character she got a little better. Their relationship was hilarious and entertaining. They were always fighting over silly things and it made the story entertaining.Something else I noticed was a lot if name dropping. You knew exactly what song she was listening to and what book she was reading. I find those to be irrelevant details and they're going to date this book. This wasn't a bad book, but it wasn't good either. It had potential and the author seemed to just throw it out the window. Maybe next time. This was an OK read. It was quick and easy and had a few good points but it felt like it needed a bit more work for me. I felt the book seemed to repeated things over and over which was even more obvious because of it's short length and I ended up skimming. I also didn't like the main character, Kaliyah. She was strong and the banter between her and Isaiah was good but when that wasn't taking place I found her to be really angry. I know her situation wasn't the best in the world but she seemed to lose her cool at the flick of a switch so I didn't really like her. As well as this she caved to Isaiah really easily which made everything pretty predictable and didn't give me time to enjoy the build up.Overall it was an easy read but I did come a way feeling it was just OK.

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I loved the back and forth of the two main characters. They had a chemistry that just drew me in.

Good romance with lots of twists and turns. Loved this book and couldn't put it down.

It was good but I didn't like the ending there should have been a better ending

2,5 stars

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