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The Summer Of Skinny Dipping (2010)

The Summer of Skinny Dipping (2010)

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About book The Summer Of Skinny Dipping (2010)

It was an amazing book, the way Amanda wrote was just passing through me, she spoke to my deep feelings. I didn't finish the end because I flicked through it and found out that Simon died of drowning and I didn't want to break my own heart. Amanda really built up the relationship between Mia and Simon and seeing him go was the worst thing even if the ending was unique and a great way to end the book. I think that without Simon dying the summer of skinny-dipping would just be another teenage romance story. The summer of skinny dipping is one of the best books I have ever read. DNF 50%Um. So. I can't finish this. Not when there's so many books in the world, and this one barely kept me turning the pages. This book was very boring even up to page 122. That is around where I stopped.I'm sure this book isn't horrible, which is why it has 2 stars. I just can't seem to read something that doesn't hold my attention when I have a mile high pile of books waiting for me.For half the book, nothing has happened yet. The barely there plot was still inching it's way along the pages, and I really couldn't read anymore. Also, I couldn't connect with ANY of the characters. They either seemed shallow or plain to me. This book upset me to some extent.Maybe I'll try again later.This book was just too similar to many books I've read before that the originality was dulled, and I was bored immensely. I've heard great things about this book, and I'm a bit upset that I didn't enjoy it more.I desperately need something that has nothing to do with summer romances.

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I read this about 2 years ago and I still can never get over the ending, but it is a great book.

WTF!! HE DIES?!?! *cries hysterically for the rest of life*

This was a slow starter but man, have kleenex at the end!

3.5The ending. Holy crap, the ending.

So freaking awesome!

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