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The Supreme Macaroni Company (2013)

The Supreme Macaroni Company (2013)
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The Supreme Macaroni Company (2013)
The Supreme Macaroni Company (2013)

About book: Well if you didn't read the books in the series, you won't have the foundation necessary to understand the dynamics of this Italian clan.I have a BFF who comes from a large Italian family, married a Jewish-Italian just like Valentina. The author nailed the familia dramas.The descriptive prose brought me to my knees.This book is by far the best of this series. Emotions ran the gamut. I loved it! The first book I read by this author was 'Very Valentine'. While I wasn't keen on Valentine herself as a character I did like the background and that kept me reading. I wanted to give the series of novels another chance so I tried this latest one in the series. Unfortunately I liked it even less than the first one I read.I can understand that the book is well written and the background of an Italian immigrant family in New York is evocative - so much so that I could practically see, smell and taste it as well as hearing it. But I just did not care about the characters and I still found Valentine herself childish, self centred and unbearably annoying.I think the book is just too sentimental for me without anything to leaven the mix. Everything turns out well in this best of all possible worlds and I just couldn't warm to that at all. So I think I shall have to give up on this author though I know a lot of people lover her books. I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for review purposes.
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Hate giving up on a book but half way through & I just didn't get this book at all :((
Enjoyed but it is suffering from being 4 in a series
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