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The Tale Of Applebeck Orchard (2009)

The Tale of Applebeck Orchard (2009)

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0425229777 (ISBN13: 9780425229774)
Berkley Hardcover

About book The Tale Of Applebeck Orchard (2009)

Some really nice characters flanked by some rather mediocre storytelling... the moments with Beatrix and her thoughts are lovely, but the narrator is constantly stepping out of the story to say things like, "I know we view things differently in the 21st century but this is how the Victorians felt." She even throws in words like "Freudian," and then explains how she personally would behave in a similar situation. It's very jarring and, to my mind, messes with the very nature of fiction. And sometimes things get overly cute, like when the narrator/author says, oh, I wish that character had let me in on their secret, I'm so surprised by this turn of events. Other reviewers seem to have noticed this, and, yes, it's a real issue. I will be continuing with the last couple books in the series, which is a testament to how nicely Beatrix Potter is drawn, but, oh if only the rest of the experience was as good!For what it's worth, the first couple books in the series did not have these problems... but the author seems to have made a conscious decision to change the voice. :( This is another hit. The path that the townspeople use as a shortcut through Applebeck Orchard has been cut off by Mr. Harmsworth, the owner. He claims that hikers burned his haystack and he wants to keep them from ruining his orchard. Beatrix finds out that he has had an offer to sell the orchard with the stipulation that the walkway be sealed. The animals are also looking for answers and Mr. Badger is looking for a badger who will take over the history when he retires. Beatrix and Mr. Heelis have come to an understanding and he asks her to promise to marry no one but him. She still feels very close to the memory of her dear Norman even though he has been dead for almost five years. She knows that her parents will never approve of him so she doesn't feel she should. A lot of questions have been answered in this book but a lot more are asked. Very good.

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What can I say except I enjoy reading the books in this series. Fantasy, escapism.....

Everyone loves Beatrix Potter and Wittig Albert's animal dialogue is just as charming!

There is only 1 more book to read after this 1. Love these Books !

A lovely, lovely tale for everyone who loves Beatrix Potter.

First one of the series I read and was instantly hooked!

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