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The Tenth Song (2010)

The Tenth Song (2010)

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0312570171 (ISBN13: 9780312570170)
St. Martin's Press

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My dream life! Picking up and leaving to live in Jerusalem! waiting for the family to join me there and never coming back! Ahh! That sounds amazing! But so unrealistic! I liked the characters. This is what we strive for, education...big houses..big weddings..the "perfect son in law" all seems so right until something goes wrong! And you make the right choices and learn to live with the consequences. I was really disappointed with this book - it read like a Harlequin romance. I have read many of Naomi Ragen's older books and really liked them but I didn't like this one much at all. The language was too flowery, the story not believable, the characters making life changing decisions in the blink of an eye. The Israel descriptions are very believable having been there but otherwise I think this storyline almost seemed ridiculous. I would not recommend this book - sorry Naomi....

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Very good book she is back to heer old writing of interesting stories. write some more.........

This book was not well written

Loved it.

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