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The Testing Guide (2013)

The Testing Guide (2013)

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0544084780 (ISBN13: 9780544084780)
Harcourt Brace and Company

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I love that this is in Zeen's perspective, but, seriously? 9 pages? That is literally all there is that isn't in the first book. Even the FAQ is taken straight from the first book. Let's face it, who would be reading this who has not already read The Testing? So much more could have been done with this. I turned the last page expecting more. I was hoping for a fast forward to Cia's graduation in Zeen's perspective and the fallout from that.. I guess I can't say much more about that without spoiling the second book though. Anyway, I loved the tiny bit of Zeen that I had a glimpse of. I just can't give this book a good rating. Even if it was free, I still feel cheated. I enjoyed this brief prequel to the Testing. i read it after reading the Testing and it was a nice little back story. Gave some nice backstory into Zeen character. I don't know that I would have enjoyed it or understood as much had I not read the Testing first. However, had I read this first, i think this would have whet my appetite for The Testing. It was a little hard to rate as it is so short (about 11 pages).

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Really short, but worth reading regarding worldbuilding

No lexile as of 4 / 2014

Super short, but nice.

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