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The Third Gate (2012)

The Third Gate (2012)

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About book The Third Gate (2012)

Oh, I wanted to like this book. I wanted to like it so much. Jeremy Logan, a history profesor and a self-named enigmologist, signs on to help with a project. At first he knows little to no details, but soon he discovers he's heading to Egypt, not to the pyramids of Egypt, but to a remote, wild, bog that is near impossible to navigate, where famed archeologist Porter Stone, believe he has found Pharoah Narmar's tomb. Narmar's (the first pharaoh to unit upper and lower Egypt) tomb would make for a great find for any archeologist and Stone will stop at nothing to find it and reveal all it's secrets. Including bring an enigmologist (someone who studies mysteries science can't explain) on board. As predicted, the tomb is cursed, as so many Egyptian tombs are. But then strange things begin happening. Is it the curse? Is it sabotage? Is it something else?The intrigue of it all had me hooked. And mixed in some history of Egypt? And a mystery to solve? I was ready to dive into this book. But it feel flat. The pacing of the book felt off. The ending abrupt. The critical final scene, too predictable and then, I felt, a wishy-washy explanation of what had happened. The history seemed off and more fictional than non-fiction (I suppose as it is a book of fiction, that is to be expected, but I've read books similar that did a much better job of actual history)It left me sorely disappointed. Maybe I had my hopes up to high when I started it, I'm not sure. But I felt so dissatisfied when I closed the book - figuratively, as it was an e-book, which might have been better for it as if it were a real book, I might have chucked it across the room! Accompany a nice ominous score by Hans Zimmer and this would make for a great and creepy movie. A little bit "The Mummy", a little bit "The Exorcist", and a little bit "Indiana Jones" too. What a story. This one had me googling all kinds of different subjects on my own to learn a little more about them. And no shortage of interesting topics. Lincoln Child does it again with a masterful tale that keeps you sucked in from beginning to end. Look forward to hopefully seeing more stories with Jeremy Logan.

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Pretty good. Not as good as the ones he does with Douglas Preston but real fun and enjoyable.

Great "beach book". Lots of action, suspense, and some supernatural goings on.

Thia was surprisingly good. The reader was decent.

Another great read from Child!

Good read!

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