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The Three Weissmans Of Westport (2011)

The Three Weissmans Of Westport (2011)

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1445857545 (ISBN13: 9781445857541)

About book The Three Weissmans Of Westport (2011)

I'm not sure what to think about this book. I'm definitely disappointed as it didn't live up to some of the glowing reviews I read about it. It seemed as if certain things about the characters were forced in order to make them like the characters in Sense and Sensibility. I absolutely couldn't stand Joseph. There is no way he could possibly think he was being generous after all the things he put Betty through. Miranda, Annie, Betty and Frederick were annoying as heck. The only character that I really liked was Rosalyn's dad even though he wasn't a main character. I liked everyone in this book and wish I could go back to the beginning and read it again. Two sisters in their 50s and a mother who has just had her husband ask her for a divorce (younger woman) and she insists on thinking of herself as a widow and her husband as 'the deceased'. It is a ton of fun to read and the family and friends that surround these three women are comforting and hilarious. Reading this book is like being invited to a very surreal family reunion and wishing you could stay for longer. Cathleen Schine has an unusual sense of humour and a wonderfully sympathetic way with characters. The book was bittersweet and funny and would be a strong choice for a library patron who likes a bright ensemble cast in her/his reading. If you have a weekend coming up and need something to enjoy, this will be a great way to pass the time. Fantastic cottage reading with this one.

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I enjoyed this book, despite the negative comments. An easy and entertaining read.

light read, but i didn't like the end.

could not finish.. plotless

Stereotypes and cliches.


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