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The Throwback (1997)

The Throwback (1997)
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The Throwback (1997)
The Throwback (1997)

About book: Cathartic is what I'd call this book. Who of us has not raged at inordinate amounts of tax ripped from our hands, or how it is legal for some to evade it but how most of must obey, or the blinding, soul-crushing meaningless of it all??? In The Throwback, we have a modern day hero in Lockhart Flawse who is prepared to not merely get angry, but to smash it all apart.There is a sick vein of black, black humour running through here - as always with Sharpe, depraved sexuality is exploited, enjoyed and exploded, along with most foibles of human nature.Lockhart though, is a man with a plan - from the wild yet morally pure fells of his youth, he applies the same direct morality to the cesspit that is suburbia.Of course, it is funny, achingly so. I defy anyone to read the Ballad of Prick 'em dry without falling off their chair.Sharpe conjures a wild, sick tale, but his use of language is sublime. Don't hold back, read this book, let Lockhart take revenge on all that assails the modern human - and laugh and laugh and laugh.

I've enjoyed several of Tom Sharpe's novels and will happily read the next one I come across, but for some reason this one struck me as crueler and less funny than the others. The attraction of his books is their black humor and outlandish comic situations; this one fell short of the standard in my estimation. It is the tale of an illegitimate son raised in isolation by a wealthy and eccentric grandfather in a castle on a Yorkshire moor. When the pair go on a doctor-ordered cruise they meet a fortune-seeking widow and her comely daughter, and a double wedding ensues. The contrived plot involves scheming on the part of the widow and the bastard to get their hands on the wealth they feel is their due; these machinations I found less engaging than other of Sharpe's tales. Maybe it's just me, but it left me cold.
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Malcolm Campbell
A disappointing collection of sketches, contrived and without any depth of character. Actually most of Tom Sharpe's stories have similar properties but in most you get to care about a character, to empathise with them and so to wail, bemoan or cheer for them in their escapades. In the case of Lockhart Flawse I found I just couldn't care.There's no doubting the skill of Sharpe's writing, in particular his verse when it appears in Scots brogue. But that's all I can commend from this novel. It's Pulp fiction but would be better off as pulp.
Ce livre m'a été conseillé par mon frère. C'est vraiment un régal. Je me suis fait plaisir en le découvrant. Dès les premières pages, on s'aperçoit du ton décalé de Tom Sharpe.J'ai vraiment adoré les personnages.Lockhart Flawse, le personnage principal, est vraiment spécial mais attachant. Les événements s'enchaînent, tous plus décalés les uns que les autres.Parfois je me suis demandé comment l'auteur pouvait inventer de tels délires.Si vous voulez lire des magouilles tordues pour faire fuir vos voisins ou encore pour rendre folle la nouvelle femme de votre grand-père, qui n'en veux qu'à son argent, vous trouverez tout dans ce roman.Seule tâche d'ombre, je n'ai pas compris la dernière phrase, qui nous révèle le nom du père de Lockhart (qu'il recherche depuis le début) car rien ne laissait penser à M Dodd.
P.D.R. Lindsay
I didn't read Tom Sharpe when he was new published back in the 70s. I've finally caught up thanks to a collection of books cleared out of the library as too battered and worn! Pity I missed them the first time out. I shall look forward to reading the other titles. This one is hilarious.Sharpe has a keen ear and eye for the ridiculous. He takes the cliched situation and rewrites it as a really funny story. Here we have the castle in Scotland, the ancient lord of the manor, his bastard grandchild and how that grandson must make a life for himself. On the way through the story various govt and political bodies are sent up, and the unlawful activities of not just the bastard but everyone else make for hilarious reading.If you like writers who poke fun at the establishment and cliches then read Tom Sharpe.
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