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The Tide Of The Mermaid Tears (2000)

The Tide of the Mermaid Tears (2000)
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The Tide Of The Mermaid Tears (2000)
The Tide Of The Mermaid Tears (2000)

About book: “Tide of the Mermaid Tears” was highly recommended to me by a bookstore clerk. She said if I like ---, then I would probably like Marcia Lynn McClure also. I chose, I read (pretty quickly), and I’m still trying to decide if I can give “Tide…” more than 3 1/2 stars. There were parts I really liked, and parts that I was ho-hum about. (Plus the twist was an easy call for me.)I liked the story premise: young woman walking on the beach finds a handsome, yet near drowned man that has washed up on the sand. She gets him functioning and takes him home to her mother and sister to nurse back to health. Ridge, the hero, is most appreciative of this lovely trio of ladies and ends up telling quite a story as to how he ended up on the beach. I liked the honesty of the characters; all had challenges they were dealing with, and that they were revealed in a timely manner.The story was not laden with misunderstandings and unspoken, drug-out secrets, which I appreciated. The character of the Old Salt was a really good addition. And oh my gosh – MLM really knows how to tell a good first kiss scene! The thing that bugged me the most was the word “giggled”. Even though Ember is 22, and her sister, Lily is 19, they constantly “giggled” through the whole book! I found that annoying and unrealistic for young women. I’m surprised an editor, or rough-draft reader didn’t catch the ridiculous repetition of the word “giggled”. I also felt the story location was a mystery. This wasn’t too critical, but I found I like to ground myself in a country, or coast of ???I did like the story. And I loved many of MLM’s beautiful descriptions. A favorite: pg.115 – “As much as I love to find the treasures the sea sprinkles on the shore, to listen to the gulls and the surf, sometimes I hate the sea for taking him from us. Father always told me Neptune is a fickle creature –that the mythical gods of Rome toy with human hearts…to intrigue and entertain themselves at our expense.” Very nicely done!I plan on reading another story by Maria Lynn McClure to see how I fare with her again. I just need to pick one that peaks my interest… There aren't any mermaids or mermen in this book, but it was fun to have the main characters think about them since this family lives on the beach. Plus I do enjoy reading a bit of mythology here and there since Rick Riordan brought all of these Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythological creatures back into the 21st century.The main theme that keeps coming back to me is how calm the book was. The main character, Ember, enjoys taking walks along the beach, Lily, her sister, paints portraits, and their mother holds on to her deep ever-lasting love for their deceased father. The story was more subdued and thoughtful, not quite like the rough and tough cowboy stories Marcia is so well-known for. Though, truly, I still really enjoyed this novel. I ALWAYS enjoy all of Marcia's stories. She is an amazing writer. Another good, romantic story for readers 17 & up.
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"Every love begins with two strangers...."This was a wonderful read. Loved it.
Not anything really great in this one, just a fluffy read.
A little on the cheesy side.
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