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The Tragedy Paper (2013)

The Tragedy Paper (2013)

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0375870407 (ISBN13: 9780375870408)
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About book The Tragedy Paper (2013)

- Very good plot- I personally love books set in boarding schools however, sometimes the whole 'parents not being there' helps the author focus on the main character and I think that helped.- Loved the antagonists & protagonist, the lot. Very well developed I can say for the most part.- LOVED the back story for the parents: short, sweet & simple.however...- A lot of build up and a very over exaggerated climax/reveal scene - Was in anticipation for the last 200 pages once the 'blood' was mentioned by Duncan This book, The Tragedy Paper, has a ton of factors that made my eyes not want to leave the page. The first reason was how the book was narrated by two characters was very interesting. Secondly the way the book was written is wonderful, I believe. Also, the book had realistic characters that made me relate to the story. The Tragedy made me think of life and what we take for granted. This is one of my favorite books that I have ever read.

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I liked the different narrators- kept me interested. Love a boarding school book.

Amazing romance story that will have you in tears at the end.

I really like this, but the ending fell flat for me.

I read this ages ago and remember enjoying it

Good book. Reminded me of The Magicians.

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