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The Trouble With Honour (2014)

The Trouble With Honour (2014)

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About book The Trouble With Honour (2014)

I enjoyed this story, the characters were entertaining and the plot was fast-paced and interesting. The prejudices of London society really come to light in this novel, although the female protagonist Honor does her best to shun them. However, as the male protagonist George points out--when you have always moved in the higher circles it is easier for you to ignore the social barriers of society. Honor has a lot to learn as far as knowing what it feels like to be shunned by society, whereas George is an old pro due to his dealings in trade and the stain of bastardy on his name. What the author strives to show in her novel is that none of this matters where love is concerned. In this way, this novel is a pretty straight-forward 'love trumps all' novel that you can expect from a regency romance.This is not to say however that the storyline itself is a common-place one. Honor's particular way of doing things is rather unique to any regency I've read previously, as is the underlying fear that she has regarding her mother and sisters. Yes, the eldest daughter often has to make a good match in order to entail the others to do so, but Honor's fear is more that. Her mother's mental health is deteriorating and she wants to be able to provide for her and her sisters.I enjoyed the relationship between Honor and her ex-friend/arch-rival Monica, and the plot twist at the end was well-written. Nobody in this novel is truly saint nor sinner. The author highlights that even in regency times people were still just people and nobody is perfect.I look forward to reading more in the series, which focus upon Honor's sisters. I hope to meet Honor and George again though to see how their relationship is progressing outside of the higher circle of society that Honor is used to moving in. Julia London is one of my go-to authors that I have grown to depend on. I smile and just KNOW I am in for a fun adventure that will leave me feeling happy and laughing when I see a new release. Sadly, this one left me a wee bit annoyed. As with her other creations, the writing style was fun and flowed beautifully. It was the story and glaring issues that left me with a less than good feeling. Examples of the issues I am speaking of include, but are not limited to:- Honor, our heroine, spent a great deal of her time stepping outside of the accepted behavior.. such as visiting and playing cards at a men's only club. Everyone saw, or heard, of her adventure but there was no ramifications from society. Even a Duchess could not get away with her behavior.. much less a a daughter of a Bishop.- Her dying step-father adores his wife and her daughters. He is aware of his wife's illness. Yet, he does not speak to his son about their future after he is gone. Nor does he set them up with the funds to live comfortably after his passing. Considering his love for them all, it should have been his first concern. It made no sense for him to not have even considered doing it.Honor's relationship with her future sister-in-law was a shining point. I only wish it had been handled differently. I found myself liking the future SIL and hoping to read her story instead. I would like to have seen the step-brother being the real issue behind the money/etc. It would have made more sense to me that he would find a way to block his father's wishes for his wife and step-daughters. Of course, he could be redeemed and have his own story told in the future. It was little "fixes" like this that made me scream inside. I truly feel a better editor and/or better beta readers would have turned this into a 5 Star Review.

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Didn't get too far because the beginning started out so ridiculous. Not impressed

a good start to the series. can not wait to find out more about the sisters.

Fun, humorous and a great start to what is bound to be am awesome series.

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